EP: Zoo Brother – Gemini Girl

I don’t know if chillwave or bedroom-pop are still dirty words on the blogosphere but it’s really hard to care when Zoo Brother’s newest EP is this blissfully good.  Taking a page from TV Girl, Zoo Brother works with short bursts of sampled joy to construct his beats and layers his vocals over the beats for hypnotizingly gorgeous effect.  ”Psychic Whatever” speeds up a carnival medley for an off-kilter and dreamy romp that stretches beyond the 4-minute mark.  On tracks like “Dreamwalking” and “If I Could (You Would Know)”, Zoo Brother demonstrate that they have evolved to become more than just the bedroom project of William Karmish.  While many bedroom projects suffer when making the leap to the live stage, Gemini Girl shows off how ready Zoo Brother are.  They’re definitely more than just another TV Girl (seriously, what happened to TV Girl anyway?).


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mp3: TV Girl & Monster Rally – Average Guy (Blame)

TV Girl and Monster Rally are two artists that have dominated sample-based electronic and pop music on the blogosphere since around 2011 and with “Average Guy (Blame)” they team up for appropriately sample-based pop bliss.  ”Average Guy (Blame)” mixes the lighthearted, doo-wop innocence of TV Girl with the abstract and hypnotic loops of Monster Rally.  Fair warning, you can’t only listen once.


Mixtape: TV Girl – The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle

When TV Girl stormed the blog scene with their fantastic first single “If You Want It”, it seemed like a song the San Diego outfit would never be able to live up to.  Fortunately, TV Girl have stuck with it and have become one of my favorite and most consistent bands.  All of their EP‘s and Singles have maintained the same qualities that made “If You Want It” great while still always bringing fresh new qualities to their music.  Now they have finally dropped their first full length project in the form of a mixtape released on Heems’ record label, Greedhead, and the result is just as awesome as I had hoped. The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle will make a perfect soundtrack for all the barbeques and shenanigans we all hope to get into this summer, so download and sync to your iPod right away because you never know when it will come in handy, although it will probably be quite frequently.



mp3: TV Girl – Misery

I would like to go to San Diego some day because judging from the music that people from San Diego make, it seems like the sunniest, happiest place on Earth.  Even a song called “Misery” sounds incredibly happy and up beat.  “Misery” makes use of a recognizable oldie sample, as many other TV Girl songs do, and breathes new life into it with a beautifully arranged percussion track, and some more upfront than usual vocals from TV Girl lead singer Trung Ngo.  TV Girl will be releasing their debut full project in the form of a mixtape on Heems (of Das Racist)’s record label, Greedhead, in May and I am sure that it will be one of the more perfect summer soundtracks to be put out in a while.

P.S. If you want to read about the song’s birth, death, and eventual reincarnation from Trung himself, head over to Portals for the scoop HERE


mp3: TV Girl- I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now

A new TV Girl track is the audio equivalent to a small dessert treat.  Their tracks are short, sweet and primed for constant replay and they usually incorporate some perfect slice of 60s pop sampled into the background.  ’I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now’ is the latest treat from the LA group and it’s the first track to sound like a proper band and not just a project.  Beyond the expected lush, sampled instrumentation there is a great amount of live bass, drums and piano incorporated into the mix.  TV Girl has been releasing great tracks nonstop for a while now so hopefully we’ll see a full-length come later this week.

mp3: I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now