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So far I’ve liked basically every track I’ve heard from Virginian beat-maker Tuamie, however, almost every track he has made has been under 2-minutes in length.  I was pretty surprised to see that Tuamie’s latest jam, ‘An order of extra loop’, comes in at over 3-minutes.  The track does exactly what its name suggests it should with the song settling into a repetitive loop based groove.  Basically the first minute of the entire track also consists of a pretty hilarious sample from this video.  As usual, Tuamie manages to come through with some of the best drum sounds across all of soundcloud.


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Like all good beatmakers and producers these days, Tuamie is a soundcloud-based artist who has been putting out a steady stream of content on his account for a while now.  Tuamie’s beats are all routed in hip-hop but experiment with a lot of lo-fi noise work that give his music a distinctively home brewed feel.  Tuamie even took on  remixing Goodie Mob’s ‘Cell Therapy’ which he is releasing in parts.

Tuamie- Who I am to Tell You pt. 3 (Tuamified):

Tuamie has put out three beat tapes on his bandcamp and it is clear that his work keeps getting better and more refined.  He has clear reverence for a lot of southern hip-hop and some of his best material comes from his dedication towards maintaining a southern vibe.  Check out more Tuamie at his soundcloud

Tuamie- I To My Ting:


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