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Rewrote – babe u feel me tho

Rewrote blessed the world today with an unloading of a handful of new material.  Among the remixes and rips were two tracks that were originally featured in his Air Pressure Systems Mix for LOGO Mag.  “babe u feel me tho” is the kind of oddball club music we’ve been missing in our lives.  At times the synths sound like kids …

pkelly94Rewrote – babe u feel me tho
that wave

Icy Twat – Fendi Covered Rari Seats

Lately, Soundcloud has seemed less like a platform and more like a gigantic melting pot for genres.  Scanning through my feed means listening to beautifully distorted, half-realized and half-baked music that only a few years ago would never see the light of day.  Such a low cost of entry has allowed artists to share us their notes, thoughts and wild …

pkelly94Icy Twat – Fendi Covered Rari Seats

Mixtape: Gorgeous Children – ICE

Gorgeous Children have been on our radar since releasing their debut mixtape about a year ago.  Even though that tape was extremely good, we haven’t heard much from them until now.  ICE is the Seattle duo’s second full project and shows further progression into their dark and dismal take on rap.  Over the course of the past year both members of …

tccarr14Mixtape: Gorgeous Children – ICE

Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 30

Like your social life (that you secretly wish wasn’t impeded by your refusal to listen to anything that has graced the top 100), Eat Your Beaties is back from the deepest depths of midterm week.  To be honest we just didn’t wanna see this thing turn 30, hairlines may go up but everything is down from here isn’t it (damn)(sadboyz). …

pkelly94Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 30

Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 29

I know we’re really late on Beaties this time but I don’t really have a good excuse to give you so sorry.  This time around we have lush and organic-sounding track from Ale$, a swing-heavy funk influenced beat from J. V!bes, a chopped up sound collage from Spectre Waltz, a pleasantly nostalgic dance track from Testudo and Slam Skillet, a …

tccarr14Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 29

mp3: Wulf – $$$ TAMAG0CHi $$$ (Prod. Kaine Solo)

I don’t know whats going on with Spaceghostpurrp’s Raider Klan lately.  Apparently Wulf (formerly EthelWulf) and a bunch of other members, including Denzel Curry and Chris Travis, are no longer a part of the group anymore, but they are all still releasing awesome music.  The beat for this track by Kaine Solo is ridiculously awesome, collaging Zelda samples together into a …

tccarr14mp3: Wulf – $$$ TAMAG0CHi $$$ (Prod. Kaine Solo)