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Ace Mo is the latest member of the experimental Makoshine collective to have his turn in the spot-light with his new EP A Dream’s Depth.  The release lives up to it’s name, acting as a sonic cloud pillow, of the memory foam variety, to rest my tired blogger ears.  The washed out sounds and soft textures coming through on this release sound somewhere in between the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack and what I would expect the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack to sound like when I’m dreaming.  That is to say, Ace Mo explores the dreamier and loftier side of electronic music while still rooting the tracks down so that they don’t fade into ambient obscurity.


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Sometimes experimental musicians are too serious for their own good.  Somewhere between unlocking new dimensions of texture in sound and redefining the definition of noise, artists may lose the sense of fun that may have attracted them to music in the first place. Kallie Lampel of Tortilla Pass is not an artist that takes himself too seriously.  Maybe it’s just because he’s still a college student, but while making his own brand of experimental electronics he’s not afraid to name his tracks things like “Peanut Leap Cascade” or “OOOoooOOoo”.  This sense of lightheartedness can be heard in the undeniable fun of some of his tracks like the Gold Panda-esque “Luna Tribe” and the remix of Boards of Canada’s “Roygbiv”.  I had the chance to chat with Kallie and in between talking about Orange Juice and emoticons we covered his influences, hopes for Tortilla Pass and his sanctuary of like minded musicians at his school.  Read the entire interview below, left largely unedited…

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Music producer Tortilla Pass (pictured straight chilling above) just put out possibly the strongest example yet of why he earned our praise (and the praise of other blogs) in the first place.  ‘Forever Fire’ is the first track that Tortilla Pass has attempted to master himself and the extra work shines through in the track.  Above the samples, synths and atmosphere, Tortilla Pass manages to make ‘Forever Fire’ sound incredibly organic.  The track really takes off when the guitar enters the mix half-way through the track about the same place where soundcloud user TANTE ELZE notes: “I am floating”.  We all are.


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I like Pirate Treasures by Mood Tattoed because it is good.  It is good because Pirate Treasures is filled with gorgeous ambient tracks with splashes of tropically inspired music scattered throughout the listen.  Moving away from reverb-filled synth-wash ambient music, Mood Tattoed’s tracks demand the attention of the listener with memorable compositions and melodies.  The result is an album that sounds somewhere in between Boards of Canada and El Guincho.  Mood Tattoed is part of a music and art collective with another blog favorite Tortilla Pass so we’re expecting some great things to keep coming from their collaboration.  Stream and download Pirate Treasure below…


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Our latest blessing from the producer of all things good, Tortilla Pass, comes in the form of this 5-track EP The Secret Deity.  Moving away from classically electronic sounds, The Secret Deity comes off as an incredibly organic sounding EP and it’s hard to imagine that most of this probably isn’t recorded with live instruments (that could be wrong though).  While none of the tracks are as immediate as songs like ‘Luna Tribe’ the entire collection works to form an appropriately chilled-out whole.  Stream below and download for free at Outlier Records bandcamp


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Boards of Canada’s ‘Roygbiv’ is pretty much sacred when it comes to the world of experimental electronic music, so I was psyched to see Tortilla Pass take on the song.  Although he keeps most of what makes the original so great intact, Tortilla Pass still manages to turn the song into something all his own.  The remix really takes off when the haunting vocal sample croons “with roses everywhere” over the shuffling beat.  Remixes often come down to whether or not people enjoy it more than the original, however, Tortilla Pass’ take on the classic is a whole new listen with no need for comparison.


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Of all the things electronic producers can do to distinguish themselves from the mass of other artists these days, simply having a huge amount of talent and being able to show that off works best.  While his unique name might already do the job, Tortilla Pass has talent… a lot of it.  On his song ‘Luna Tribe’, Tortilla Pass pulls sounds from Indian music that don’t go the glitched-out and blissful route of Gold Panda’s ‘You’ but are layered on much more delicately and create an all around chiller and warmer vibe.

Tortilla Pass- Luna Tribe:

Beyond that track, Tortilla Pass has a huge amount of beats on his soundcloud and even two releases on his bandcamp that have earned him a strong following.  His sound is hard to pin down as he experiments with all sorts of samples and styles, creating stunning pieces almost every time.  Stream his EP Aura Maura below…



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