mp3: HAPPY TRENDY – wobbling around

The first song I ever heard by HAPPY TRENDY was his awesome cover of Coma Cinema’s “Tour All Winter”.  With this song, he’s once again putting an awesome analog spin on a song, this time by Frankie Cosmos.  Put together with three different synthesizers, and as HAPPY TRENDY puts it a “cardiac muscle” with a warm lo-fi fuzz laid over the top of it, this cover is headphone music at its best.  I would highly suggest you just go to HAPPY TRENDY’s Soundcloud page and just press play because its all really good, but you can also go to his bandcamp and stream some EP’s there.


mp3: Purity Ring – Fineshrine

I somehow managed to miss Purity Ring’s massively hyped single ‘Obedear’ until after the wave had subsided a bit, however, like most everyone else who listened to the track I was won over by their intoxicating sound.  Now the group has put out ‘Fineshrine’ and just like ‘Obedear’, the track is an experimental pop-track that is coated in equal amounts of pure pop sheen and atmospheric bliss.  Also just like ‘Obedear’, ‘Fineshrine’ is receiving huge amounts of well deserved hype and praise for it’s delightfully grotesque lyrics and contrasting carefree and light-hearted attitude.  If their upcoming album Shrines is able to recapture even more of this energy it is sure to be an awesome listen when it drops later in July.


mp3: Beat Connection- The Palace Garden, 4AM

There is no point in ever trying to deny synth-pop anymore.  Everyone’s favorite folk singers probably aren’t going to trade in their guitars for ableton, but synth music is as ingrained into our culture as guitar music was in the 60s.  And it’s a good thing that synth-pop shows no signs of slowing down with bands as good as Beat Connection making summer ready tracks like ‘The Palace Garden, 4AM’.  Borrowing equal amounts from the blissful rush of Cut Copy and the dance-punk precision of LCD Soundsystem, ‘The Palace Garden, 4AM’ is probably the most fitting, buzzing summer jam to kick off the season right.


mp3: Last Days of 1984- Seasons

I’m not exactly sure what it is about Last Days of 1984 but I’m really enjoying their take on a genre I haven’t enjoyed in a while.  Last Days of 1984 make synth-pop but their jams have enough sonic experimentation to stay interesting and not overly sugary.  ’Seasons’ is the newest taste of their upcoming album Wake Up to the Waves and it’s noisy take on indie-pop is just as irresistible as the first track we heard from them.  ’Seasons’ isn’t going to reaffirm your metaphysical existence, however, it’s catchy and fun.  Nothing wrong with that.


Video: Last Days of 1984- River’s Edge

There is nothing like some well-written synth-pop to make a hipster’s day.  Last Days of 1984 are making quality synth-pop that is hard to find these days with ‘River’s Edge’ experimenting with noise just as much as it does dance-ability.  Although the video borders a bit on the cheesier side it’s hard not to keep hitting the replay button with a track this irresistible.  Listen to more Last Days of 1984 at their soundcloud.


mp3: Soft Care- Girls

I’ve been posting a lot of music lately that I’ve claimed could qualify as a springtime jam, however, I can guarantee that this new banger from Soft Care will last all the way through the coming summer.  ’Girls’ is the first single to drop from the California-based project Soft Care and there couldn’t be a better track to introduce us to the good moods and vibes of Devon Geyer.  A lot of indie-bands play synth-pop and not all of them do it well, Soft Care most definitely do it well.  Most people will probably be won over in the song’s first 5 seconds and the next 3 minutes of music only serve to validate the initial gush of happiness everyone will experience when they put the song on.  It may be nighttime while I’m posting this track, however, I’m sure that the first time I play it tomorrow when the sun’s out I’ll search for the closest water source to go swimming in.