mp3: Jalal Salaam – Love

Taking a break from the mind bending lyricisms of his Mathematics tape, Jalal Salaam approaches the subject of love on his new aptly titled “Love”.  Over a solid boom-bap beat from M.T., Salaam details tragic relationships and grim realities.  This definitely isn’t a “Bound 2” moment for Salaam who sounds cautious and even temperamental about the subject.  It’s all love though. -PK

pkelly94mp3: Jalal Salaam – Love

mp3: Jalal Salaam – Synergy (Remix)

As if the stunning debut Mathematics wasn’t enough, Jalal Salaam has decided to put out a remixed version of the tape.  Originally produced by Scanz, “Synergy” was an easy highlight on Mathematics with every line sounding like a statement of purpose from the SUNY Purchase based (yeah another SUNY student) rapper.  Producing his own remix, Salaam gives his verse a …

pkelly94mp3: Jalal Salaam – Synergy (Remix)

EP: Richie Quake – Q

Pro-tip for getting featured on our website, go to SUNY Purchase.  The amount of talented musicians and bands studying together at SUNY is pretty astounding and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t pay a little more attention to emails from artists you say they’re attending.  RIchie Quake is a producer who bros around with the dudes of …

pkelly94EP: Richie Quake – Q

mp3: ENxVE – Davice (ft. Silver Kingfisher)

ENxVE is another face in the huge community of talented young artists currently studying at SUNY Purchase who first caught our attention for a great verse over a Yung Gutted beat.  On his Heliotherapy mixtape, ENxVe establishes himself as a technically-minded rapper which the charisma to have two personalities.  The only features on the album go to Silver Kingfisher which is …

pkelly94mp3: ENxVE – Davice (ft. Silver Kingfisher)

EP: Lord RAJA – Rubies

So Brooklyn/Purchase, NY producer Lord RAJA just announced that he has signed to Ghostly International, alongside the likes of Gold Panda and Matthew Dear, and I can’t say I’m surprised at all.  If you have been following RAJA at all over the past few years, you know that he has been ridiculously talented and the fact that he’s only getting …

tccarr14EP: Lord RAJA – Rubies

Stream: LVL UP – Extra Worlds 7″

I was first introduced to LVL UP a couple of months ago with their incredible “Nightshade” video, and have been listening to their Space Brothers EP ever since.  The SUNY Purchase band takes a heavier approach to the strong influence of 90’s bands such as Built To Spill and Weezer that has been getting more popular lately, and I can’t get …

tccarr14Stream: LVL UP – Extra Worlds 7″

mp3: Captain Murphy – Mighty Willy Wonka (Raja Candy Flip)

It’s really only a matter of time before Lord Raja blows up and gets signed by either Brain Feeder or Stones Throw (both of which he has connections with) and blesses the world with his righteous vibe.  For now, Raja is just doing him which includes putting out this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired remix of Captain Murphy’s “Mighty …

pkelly94mp3: Captain Murphy – Mighty Willy Wonka (Raja Candy Flip)