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When Steffaloo lends her vocals to a track, it usually turns out to be amazing.  Recent collaborations with Beat Culture and XXYYXX have been some of their best tracks to date and Steffaloo may have just helped Sacred Animals with their best track.  ‘On Fire’ is, as expected, a slow burner with plenty of large, atmospheric synths and crooning vocals.  Steffaloo absolutely commands the track as her hushed vocals manage to sound strong and intense.  Her vocal style sounds perfect over the skuttering percussion and washing synths.  Stream and download ‘On Fire’ below…


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Hot off her collaboration with 17-year old producer Beat Culture, Steffaloo has teamed up with teenage producer xxyyxx on the track ‘Love Isn’t Made’.  Both xxyyxx and Steffaloo keep things understated and minimal, xxyyxx provides a skeletal, Burial-esque beat which is perfect for Steffaloo’s simple phrase “love isn’t made, it’s grown”.  The track doesn’t over stay its welcome either, ending before it hits the 3-minute mark which only adds to the song’s over all strength.  xxyyxx and Steffaloo manage to pack a lot of beauty into the song while making it sounds effortless.


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