mp3: Hunck – Toy Trucks

Now that BlueHost has managed to get us back up and running again, it’s time to post some music at a semi-regular pace again.  To start things off slow we have this slow-burning track from UK band Hunck.  ”Toy Trucks” is a gorgeous slice of guitar rock that takes its time to work its way into your brain.  Where it will probably stay for a long time.  For two dudes they definitely manage to leave a big impression.


mp3: Day Ravies – Reality School

“Reality School” is rainy day music from the australian garage-rockers Day Ravies.  Female and Male leads trade vocals across the dreamy track that fades out in just under 2 minutes.  Despite the short length, Day Ravies manage to pack all sorts of gorgeous guitar tones into the track that shuffle between twee-chimes to shoegaze woozyness.  It’s pouring outside right now so this isn’t a bad song to have stuck in my head.


mp3: The Death of Pop – Sun In My Eyes

Although their name might suggest someone more serious or sinister, The Death of Pop aren’t a band interested in completely redefining your idea of what music can be.  In fact, “Sun In My Eyes” is a pretty awesome jangle-pop/shoegaze song that sounds like something Stone Roses might have made.  July is almost over but we still have a full month of summer left.  Hopefully we get a few more gems like this.


mp3: Dream Koala – Ocean

Our homeboy and all around cool dude, Dream Koala (who we interviewed in the fall) just played the Boiler Room in London yesterday (for those of you that couldn’t tune in it was really really awesome) and today he just released his first all-original song since his Blur EP.  On Blur and in his live shows we saw Dream Koala beginning to experiment very successfully with adding his own vocals to his music, and now for “Ocean” he has brought them front and center.  Dream Koala’s production was already really great on its own but the vocals improve upon it further with brief appearances that build upon his music’s always heavy vibes and then disappear to let his production shine through.  Overall I’m really excited to see where Dream Koala takes this new addition to his sound.



mp3: Astronaut Husband – Spatial

When I’m going through our email in search of some good new music, I honestly tend to start to look for things that wow me within the first few seconds.  Astronaut Husband did not do that.  Instead, Astronaut Husband opens up his new EP Supergiant Blues with the three minute slowburner “Spatial”.  Although I could have easily skipped through the song to see if the sparse instrumentation and shoegaze vibes developed into anything, “Spatial” held me down with beautiful atmospherics that don’t come from mediocre artists.  As the track develops, the pay off I was waiting for comes exactly how it should: slowly and quietly.  Supergiant Blues is full of similarly slow building tracks that have a distinctively folk and country influence that isn’t often heard in shoegaze.


mp3: Honeyslide – Black Dolphin

Over the course of our extraordinarily impressive career as music taste makers, Terence and I have seen plenty of lo-fi rock bands fade into the endless obscurity of non-relevance. However, one band that only seems to get better with each new track is UK shoegazers Honeyslide.  Pulling on clear influences from Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, “Black Dolphin” may be their most stunning and memorable track yet.  Clocking in at just under 7 minutes, “Black Dolphin” is a slow and heavily atmospheric listen with only hints at their grunge and punk-based routes.  With Honeyslide maturing their sound this well, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll be fated to fade away.


Spirit Spine- Atlantic Downs

Spirit Spine recently graduated from college, and to celebrate he’s released this new album pretty unexpectedly Atlantic Downs.  If you’re familiar with his previous album Glossalia, you may be expecting a dense, shoe-gazey album with few hooks and pop-filled moments, however, Atlantic Downs completely takes Spirit Spine in a new direction with a new-wave and synth-pop heavy sound.  The result is often stunning and surprising, I had no clue that Deney could write tradition pop-songs like this.  Atlantic Downs isn’t your cookie cutter hipster 80s throwback music though, instead, Spirit Spine packs the album full of dense tracks that channel something between New Order and Clams Casino instrumentals.  Deney’s bassy croon is also front in center on this album, and it all sounds great.  Atlantic Downs is definitely one of my favorite surprise releases of the year.  Stream two highlights below and check out the entire album here.