mp3: Rejjie Snow – Loveleen

Despite the fact that I am continually frustrated with Rejjie’s lack of new material and insistence on asking people to follow him on twitter/instagram/facebook, each time he drops a track I remember why he is one of the most exciting new rappers out there.  As a blogger it is hard to admit, but I do understand that good music takes time.  Hopefully the ridiculous wait for Rejovich is worth it, “Loveleen” isn’t a bad start at all.


mp3: Andrea – Places (ft. Rejjie Snow)

Considering that his Fish & Chips and Rejovich mixtapes are still M.I.A., any new material from Rejjie Snow is something to get excited about.  A track from rising Parisian producer Andrea featuring Rejjie Snow is something to get very excited about.  Ever since his debut, Rejjie Snow has successfully moved past the comparisons to Odd Future and proved himself as a wholly unique, versatile and extremely talented rapper.  Allowing Andrea’s production to take front stage, Rejjie lays down a laid back almost whispered flow that he’s worked with before.  The result is a gorgeous, atmosphere heavy track that showcases the strengths of both artists.  Look out for Andrea’s Cruising EP later this year.


Video: Rejjie Snow – Lost in Empathy

Considering it’s been over half a year since even a new verse from Rejjie Snow has been released, its easy to forget his talent and start to think he’s just talk.  With “Lost in Empathy”, Rejjie will probably silence a lot of those doubts.  On this track, the Dublin native lays down his whispery, drawn out flow with darkly tinged lyricism over a wobbly analog synth-driven beat.  Rejjie also continues to embrace his Irish accent more than in his earlier tracks which gives his versatile flow a distinctive quality that I think works really well.  I still have no idea when Rejjie is going to release a full project of any sort, but let’s hope it’s fairly soon.


Video: Rejjie Snow- Meddling Loops (ft. Crave & Jesse James)

One of flaws of the blogosphere is that it can cause young artists to get swept up in a huge wave off hype and then receive immense amounts of backlash when they don’t live up to the expectations.  That same possibility was starting to become possible for Irish rapper Rejjie Snow who has built a huge following off only a few tracks, videos and demos. ‘Meddling Loops’ is the first official release we’ve heard from Rejjie since he was making music as Lecs Luther and it destroys any possibility that he doesn’t deserve the hype he’s built.  With UK rappers Jesse James and Crave, Rejjie unleashes a track and video that is simply filled with audio dopeness.  The three rappers all choose to go with laid back and word dense flows and each of them come with distinct and rich personalities (the same reason why their track ‘Trashy’ is so great).  It’s a good thing the video is here to illustrate some of the metaphors and imagery because between the three of them there is a lot to listen for here.


Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: A Yellow Man

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with friends lately about the state of the hip-hop music scene and we all pretty much agree that hip-hop is in a renaissance of sorts.  Sure there are still leagues more bad rappers than good ones, but there are a lot more talented rappers and artists putting out music these days than a few years ago.  A Yellow Man are the latest group to showcase the great scene bursting in the British Isles right now lead by artists like Rejjie Snow, King Krule and Young Fathers.  A Yellow Man are a trio that make the incredibly soulful and atmospheric hip-hop that we’ve come to expect from the U.K.  It probably helps that the female member of the group has an amazing singing voice.  Listen to more A Yellow Man at their youtube


Rejjie Snow- Elijah (unreleased)

Considering how little material he has released, Rejjie Snow (formerly known as Lecs Luther) has done an amazing job building up a fan base and an incredible amount of hype for anything he decides to release.  For all the times Snow updates his facebook pages with links to the tracks we’ve already heard from him, every once in a while he actually drops some new material and it hasn’t disappointed us yet.  Snow’s latest leak comes in the form of ‘Elijah’ an unreleased track from 2011.  The track features a very airy, cloud rap beat on Snow’s laid back and syllable heavy flow.  If this is only an unreleased demo, I really can’t be excited enough to hear more of his final products.  Fish’n'Chips is dropping… eventually.


mp3: Rejjie Snow- @rejjiesnow

In case you haven’t heard, Irish rapper Lecs Luther has changed his name to Rejjie Snow and is finally dropping some info on his highly anticipated Fish’n'Chips mixtape.  Although it is unclear whether the title of this track is the actual title of just a way to raise awareness of his new twitter name, ‘@rejjiesnow’ is a short and sweet example of why Rejjie has built up such a huge following with having only released a few tracks.  Over an incredibly smooth and jazzy beat, Rejjie lays down a restrained and laid-back flow that is filled with the witty wordplay and strong lyricism that we’ve come to expect from the rapper.  The date ‘June 27th’ is included in the info of this track so we can only hope that Fish’n'Chips will drop then.  If all the tracks are strong as this than we have something amazing to look forward to.