the $hoots smugglin

The $hoots x Lanzo – Plottin’

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but the novelty of hip-hop crews started to wear a while ago.  Maybe too many blogs claimed that they had found the next Odd Future or maybe I just became more cynical after realizing crews like Pro.Era were a lot less deep than I’d initially hoped.  Despite this, I can’t help but get …

pkelly94The $hoots x Lanzo – Plottin’
tay devenny cross

Luui x devenny – Guns (sail away)

devenny is cruising now.  Although he’s always been impressive his output recently has lived up to his promise to push his sound beyond hip-hop.  Opening with ghostly moans, “Guns” quickly settles into an effortlessly old school vibe accented by dusted percussion and soft static.  I’ve never heard Luui before but I definitely hope it’s not the last time.  His flow …

pkelly94Luui x devenny – Guns (sail away)

Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Dylan Ross

Polarizing artists are my favorite to write about because they all have the equal potential to rocket out of anonymity at any moment or to drift back into it completely, but they are sure to upset a few people on their way down either path.  Dylan Ross is the newest polarizing artist that I am happy to introduce you to. …

tccarr14Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Dylan Ross
fly anakin

Fly Anakin – Nucense (ft. DooF & Jalal Salaam)

If you’ve been paying attention, “Nucense” is probably the most exciting song that will drop all week.  Although we’ve highlighted all three of these rappers before, “Nucense” demonstrates (probably better than anything else they’ve all put out) why they’re the fresh faces to look out for in the underground.  There simply isn’t a wasted line across the entire three minutes. …

pkelly94Fly Anakin – Nucense (ft. DooF & Jalal Salaam)
Tay Devenny Featured

Tay Devenny – Birthday Drips

Tay Devenny just turned 20 years old and he’s celebrating by doing what he’s best at; expounding on his most philosophical thoughts.  “Birthday Drips” is a low-key, minimal freestyle with Devenny pulling back on some of the more experimental r&b flourishes he’s been experimenting with these past few months.  Although it’s far less involved, “Birthday Drips” is a nice reminder …

pkelly94Tay Devenny – Birthday Drips


Since UGLYFRANK is still relatively unknown I know saying this comes with a risk of everyone assuming its hyperbole meant to over-hype and cause buzz but I truly believe that in the year 2014 no rapper has decisively commanded the mic as well as UGLYFRANK.  If you didn’t listen to his EP BOBBY HILL that dropped earlier this year, you definitely should but …

tccarr14mp3: UGLYFRANK – DARTZ