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This is the kind of track that soundtracks a hipster’s dream.  A collaboration with Joey Pecararo, ‘BreathingAirWearingLace’ was my first introduction to the intimate, atmospheric brand of pop music coming from vocalist Bijou Winters.  Her breathy, pseudo-mumbling vocal delivery may not be for everyone but I couldn’t stop from being sucked in to the sultry world that Bijou Winters crafts with her songs.  While it’s not easy to discern the individual words Bijou is delivering, it feels like she’s whispering something secret and personal right into my ear.


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KEEL HER is an artist I’ve been following for a little while now not exactly sure what I to think about the artist.  Rose Keeler-Schäffeler’s solo project as KEEL HER is probably the closest any artist has come to being the rock equivalent of Lil’ B.  Their compositions aren’t anything alike and Rose doesn’t sing repeated one-liners about swag or getting boys, however, through her soundcloud and bandcamp, Rose has built up an incredible library of tunes.  KEEL HER plays lazy, sloppy and lo-fi as hell bedroom pop that range from subjects of being bored, weed and general chilling.  It’s the kind of creative output that would make a lot of people skeptical but after her putting out so many good jams it has become very difficult to deny.  So I’m going to just invite you all to join me on the KEEL HER band wagon.


KEEL HER- Chill Yourself:


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A new TV Girl track is the audio equivalent to a small dessert treat.  Their tracks are short, sweet and primed for constant replay and they usually incorporate some perfect slice of 60s pop sampled into the background.  ‘I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now’ is the latest treat from the LA group and it’s the first track to sound like a proper band and not just a project.  Beyond the expected lush, sampled instrumentation there is a great amount of live bass, drums and piano incorporated into the mix.  TV Girl has been releasing great tracks nonstop for a while now so hopefully we’ll see a full-length come later this week.

mp3: I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now


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