mp3: RaidenMajor – Holographic (ft. Oddyssey) (prod. Hydrabadd)

No matter how much you tried to deny it during your middle school years, anyone who was  born in the 90s spent (or still spends) a good amount of their childhood trying to catch ‘em all.  Besides providing all of us with the best virtual friends anyone could ask for, Pokemon the TV show had some amazing music including everyone’s favorite 151 pokemon referencing ‘Poke Rap’.  While that track has remained king of the pocket monster rap game, RaidenMajor, Oddyssey and Hydrabadd are posing a serious threat to the throne with ‘Holographic’.  Over the delightfully bass heavy ‘Hologram Wrist’ beat (which we featured on Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 5), Oddyssey and RaidenMajor play tag-team trying to make as many poke references and name as many of the original 151 as possible without ever allowing the track to turn into a gimmick or a joke.  It’s really awesome seeing such a fresh-faced producer like Hydrabadd getting recognized by established talent with a result as awesome as ‘Holographic’.

Download: Holographic


mp3: Robb Bank$ – Look Like Basquiat (Prod. Spaceghostpurrp)

Robb Bank$’s debut mixtape Calendars was a strong showing, but also set up a lot of barriers for him to overcome.  With tumblr being the primary medium of Bank$’s climb to internet pseudo-fame, all of his Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z references, and the two Clams Casino beats it was easy to overlook Robb’s skill and talent and listen to Calendars as a tumblr page in audio form.  The thing is, Robb Bank$ is actually much more than that.  He has an almost seamless flow, the intangible necessities of being a rapper, good lyrics, and a silky smooth and distinctive voice all at the ripe age of 17.  Now Bank$ is finally back with a fantastic original Spaceghostpurrp beat (who’s talent can also overshadowed by image) for a single that tears most of his previous catalog apart.  Robb Bank$ is clearly heavily instilled with current youth culture, which can make it difficult to take him seriously, but I hope with tracks like this people will see that he actually has a huge amount of talent and potential for longevity as well.

UPDATE: Stream and download the full almost 6 minute long song below.