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After having the chance to talk to 18 year old prodigy Oliver Nickell on his project, Tree, a lot about his music made sense.  Oliver has always made bold statements in his music with lines like “We are the universe/ don’t forget that” and “Warrior inside us/ time for you to stand up tall,” and he has been able to pull off the lyrics with a sense of genuine, wide-eyed optimism.  Those lyrics can only come from a person who’s been to incredible lows and dark places and had the ability to bounce back.  Of course, like all good stories, Oliver’s life hasn’t always been all ‘carpe diem’ and enthusiasm.  A truly amazing experience found Oliver turning his life around from a hopeless low.  Being able to chat with Oliver gave me a glimpse into his vibrant world of art, sun, and seeking beauty in everything.  Oliver’s words make it clear why he can pull off such big statements with his music.  Read the full interview below…

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