swim team trax 1

Swim Team – Trax 1

Over the past few months, Swim Team has become a crew too talented and unique to possibly ignore.  After a few spectacular SWIMTEAM_RADIO mixes they’ve finally put together 10 tracks into a proper release.  Listening to Trax 1 reminds me of the excitement I got when I listened to M|O|D back in 2012.  Swim Team have such a developed style, …

pkelly94Swim Team – Trax 1
fly anakin

Fly Anakin – Nucense (ft. DooF & Jalal Salaam)

If you’ve been paying attention, “Nucense” is probably the most exciting song that will drop all week.  Although we’ve highlighted all three of these rappers before, “Nucense” demonstrates (probably better than anything else they’ve all put out) why they’re the fresh faces to look out for in the underground.  There simply isn’t a wasted line across the entire three minutes. …

pkelly94Fly Anakin – Nucense (ft. DooF & Jalal Salaam)
fly anakin

Fly Anakin – LxcvIsXnly (prod. ewonee)

“LxcvIsXnly” is refreshingly raw.  Although the opening piano flourish had me a bit worried that ewonee was going to stick to a tried and true boom-bap template, the song opens up immediately giving Fly Anakin plenty of space to let his stream of conscious flow.  Anakin doesn’t drop the most mind blowing verse you’ll hear all day but his energy …

pkelly94Fly Anakin – LxcvIsXnly (prod. ewonee)
test chaden

Chaden x Noah B – New New York

Considering how New York stands, always has stood, and probably will always stand as a music mecca, “New New York” is a bold declaration in title alone.  Although they’ve been bumping around the blogosphere for a minute, Chaden, Noah B, B. Mob, Jalal Salaam and Stainless Steele aren’t the biggest presences in the world of hip-hop.  But they should be.  “New …

pkelly94Chaden x Noah B – New New York
ewonee beatnick

EP: ewonee – Metropolis._el.p

Two weeks without new music.  That’s what finals will do to a blogger.  But it’s summer now so we can all get excited about doing summer things.  Like theoretically seeing ewonee perform live at a concert that is probably going to happen.  Metropolis is an ode to the city and captures the spirit of New York in its few sunsoaked …

pkelly94EP: ewonee – Metropolis._el.p

mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Thousand Arrows (prod. TUAMIE)

Ever since I first listened to Tuamie I’ve been hoping that a properly skilled rapper would take on one of his perfect loops.  Luckily the wait is over as one of our favorite rapper’s decided to spit over a jazzy loop on “Thousand Arrows”.  This is two gods coming together and “Thousand Arrows” is appropriately awesome.  Over the nonstop movement …

pkelly94mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Thousand Arrows (prod. TUAMIE)

EP: ewonee – UN▲TY

ewonee’s music has always sounded nice but something about this new EP just sounds super nice on headphones.  More so than his previous tranquil EP, UN▲TY manages to pack warm, hip-hoppy, jazzy, liquidy audio goodness into bite-sized packaging that defines a sonic palette uniquely ewonee’s.  ewonee seems fascinated in jazz for it’s warm textures and dynamism just as much as he is …

pkelly94EP: ewonee – UN▲TY