the $hoots smugglin

The $hoots x Lanzo – Plottin’

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but the novelty of hip-hop crews started to wear a while ago.  Maybe too many blogs claimed that they had found the next Odd Future or maybe I just became more cynical after realizing crews like Pro.Era were a lot less deep than I’d initially hoped.  Despite this, I can’t help but get …

pkelly94The $hoots x Lanzo – Plottin’
tay devenny cross

Luui x devenny – Guns (sail away)

devenny is cruising now.  Although he’s always been impressive his output recently has lived up to his promise to push his sound beyond hip-hop.  Opening with ghostly moans, “Guns” quickly settles into an effortlessly old school vibe accented by dusted percussion and soft static.  I’ve never heard Luui before but I definitely hope it’s not the last time.  His flow …

pkelly94Luui x devenny – Guns (sail away)

Tive – Oblivious

Anchored by a beautifully atmospheric beat from producer Falco, “Oblivious” makes quite the first impression for LA rapper Tive (pronounced like give).  Tive’s clearest sonic touchstone is Bones but it never sounds like he’s biting his style.  While Bones meets atmosphere with an equally smoked out vocal delivery, Tive brings a muffled bark to his verses.  Confidence spills over all three …

pkelly94Tive – Oblivious
fly anakin

Fly Anakin – Nucense (ft. DooF & Jalal Salaam)

If you’ve been paying attention, “Nucense” is probably the most exciting song that will drop all week.  Although we’ve highlighted all three of these rappers before, “Nucense” demonstrates (probably better than anything else they’ve all put out) why they’re the fresh faces to look out for in the underground.  There simply isn’t a wasted line across the entire three minutes. …

pkelly94Fly Anakin – Nucense (ft. DooF & Jalal Salaam)
tay devenny

devenny. – aztec (demo)

Remember a few days ago when devenny. (who we only recently stopped referring to as Tay Devenny) celebrated his birthday by reminding us that underneath the philosophical musings and ambitions was a kid with a lot of talent with the rhyme?  Click the link if you don’t… “aztec (demo)” continues Devenny’s crusade into verse-centric hip-hop as the second part of a …

pkelly94devenny. – aztec (demo)