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Virginia based rapper DooF has attracted the attention of Turbo Tape Recordings who just put out a new collection of his tracks as part of  their TEAMBATTLEMODE mixtape series.  In typical DooF fashion, none of these tracks venture past the 2 minute mark however they aren’t forgettable either.  It’s no secret that DooF has only grown more confident over the course …

pkelly94DooF – CHRCTR16

EP: Jalal Salaam – ETHICS

Ethics is 27 tracks long, a bold choice for the up and coming rapper Jalal Salaam.  What makes Ethics more impressive than obnoxious however is just how consistent and exciting it remains across it’s 27 songs.  It is a culmination of work that Jalal has been working on for the past 3 years and it demonstrates that he is a …

pkelly94EP: Jalal Salaam – ETHICS

EP: Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – arc

The last EP we heard from UK rapper Tay Devenny was his collaboration with producer Spacedtime and his newest release has him teaming up ฬเןl.  Considering the decently short length of the entire affair it’s surprising how substantial the entire listen sounds.  There isn’t a wasted second as most songs flow naturally into eachother with hardly any breaks between Tay’s chilled-out verses. …

pkelly94EP: Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – arc


SEENMR has done a lot of cool things.  If you have any doubts just listen through his newest tape Home which is a collection of sounds, ideas and vibes he’s been collecting for over five years now.  The tape really kicks off with the over 7 minute stunner “Golden Age” which matches SEENMR’s ability to loop and manipulate obscur samples …

pkelly94EP: SEENMR – Home

Mixtape: Hawk House – A Little More Elbow Room

After a few strong singles from Hawk House I’ve been eagerly anticipating how the three piece would approach a proper release.  A Little More Elbow Room has absolutely surpassed my expectations with a stunning release of r&b infused hip-hop.  The beats throughout A Little Elbow Room stick to down-tempo and jazzy troupes without ever adhering directly to norms of boom-bap, cloud-rap or …

pkelly94Mixtape: Hawk House – A Little More Elbow Room

The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with SEENMR

  It’s not everyday that we run across an artist like Sean Cullen, the dude behind SEENMR and founding member of the Young Ho Collective.  Sean Cullen is so psyched on music, life and his crew that his personality beams through his recordings and has made his Chinatown Tape one of the most buzz-worthy beat tapes of the year.  I …

pkelly94The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with SEENMR