mp3: Main Attrakionz – Do it for the Bay (ft. Davinci) (prod. Harry Fraud)

Ever since they dropped their cloud-rap opus 808s and Dark Grapes II, Main Attrakionz have been putting out a steady stream of solid material to satiate us cloud-rap junkies.  While it’s all been good, ‘Do it for the Bay’ is one of their freshest tracks and a proper return to form for the best duo ever.  The Harry Fraud produced instrumental is an upbeat collage of synths and horns that has Main Attrakionz and guest rapper Davinci spitting with more energy than their established norm.  ’Do it for the Bay’ is our first taste of their upcoming LP Bossalinis & Fooliyones which is set to drop on October 22 on Young One Records and if they keep knocking it out with tracks like this it’ll definitely be a an album to watch out for.


mp3: Main Attrakionz – Perfect Skies (OSØ Remix)

Whenever you hear any blogger mention the burgeoning genre, Cloud Rap, these days, you almost always hear Main Attrakionz’s name mentioned in the same sentence.  The Oakland duo’s ability to create simple vocals to match up to even the most atmospheric beats they get without interfering with the track’s feel has gained them a lot of success over the past year.  Now Oakland producer OSØ has added even more cloud to one of Peter’s most quoted rap songs “Perfect Skies”.  OSØ’s new beat ironically sounds more like floating through a chaotic storm than perfect skies with tense pulsing synths and eventually extremely distorted melodies towards the end.


mp3: Main Attrakionz- Women We Chase (prod. Friendzone)

The best duo ever are at it again with this perfectly produced cloud-rap beat from Friendzone.  Every now and again, between songs tinged with a few misogynistic comments, hip-hop artists always find time to dedicate a heartfelt song to their women and ‘Women We Chase’ is that song for Main Attrakionz.  Over Friendzone’s beat that could easily pass for a How to Dress Well song, Mondre and Squadda lay it out nice and smooth for all the ladies.  It’s the kind of song that this duo does best and it’s no surprise that ‘Women We Chase’ works so well.


The Up-Turn Presents: Tako Tomago- Silver Serums Mix

After hearing his remix of Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Drop’, I knew that I wanted to kick-off our new mixtape series with a mix from Jonathan of Tako Tomago.  His Hydro EP is still one of my favorite surprise releases this year as it is probably one of the most convincing examples of a (I honestly never thought I would say this) ‘post-genre’ release.  Although he’s making some left-field, r&b tinged, synth-pop, Tako Tomago decided to make a hip-hop heavy mix with a lot of edits and mixing thrown in.  To keep the mix fresh, Tako Tomago made sure that “pretty much every song on the tape is an edit so even if you’ve heard the song you’ve got something new to enjoy.” On top of the edits he even throws in an ASAP Rocky remix and an original demo to close everything off.  This tape is the first of hopefully many to come and we couldn’t have asked for a better tape.  Hit the jump for the download link, track list and a quick interview we conducted with Jonathan…

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Video: Western Tink- That Lyfe (ft. Main Attrakionz & Shady Blaze)

I’ve been on a huge Main Attrakionz binge lately having recently discovered just how awesome their 808s and Dark Grapes II mixtape is, so I was very excited to see that the duo had teamed up with Western Tink and Shady blaze over a new Beautiful Lou beat.  Beautiful Lou recently hit it big with everyone’s favorite new polarizing hip-hop track, so it’s nice to hear his beat taken on by some rappers that no one can argue about.  The video has the entire crew hanging out and generally looking pretty swagged out.  Western Tink hasn’t had the exposure that he’s deserved quite yet so I’m sure that this track will spread the good word more, look out for his upcoming mixtape Mobbin No Sobbin.


Mixtape: Kool A.D.- 51

I honestly wasn’t anticipating on listening to Kool A.D.’s new mixtape but after an awesome single I become much more hyped for Kool A.D.’s mixtape dedicated to the bay area.  The hour-long mixtape, 51, is probably the most convincing example of Kool A.D.’s talent since Sit Down, Man and at this point I don’t think there is anyone that can argue that Das Racist are no more than a few funny lines.  On 51 Kool A.D. steps out from his usual character of referencing every possible aspect of pop culture and shows off that he can be a pretty conventional rapper.  With out mentioning Taco Bell or Pizza Hut, Kool A.D. still manages to explode with charisma and his laid back flow sounds great paired with the many Main Attrakionz features.  Stream and download the mixtape below…


mp3: Kool A.D. – Town Business (Feat. Mondre M.A.N., Trackademicks, & Dope G)

Kool A.D. of Das Racist just announced that after releasing his debut solo mixtape this year, he plans to release a solo album entitled 51″ and along with the announcement released this song, which is not to be confused with the Das Racist song of the same title.  Although Das Racist was formed and is based out of the east coast, Kool A.D. is originally from the bay area, and this track is an homage to that.  Enlisting some of the bay’s best current rappers, including Mondre M.A.N. of Main Attrakionz, Kool A.D. and co. go in over a classically Bay-sounding beat with a bass-line that would fit right in on a Too $hort song.  Kool A.D.’s mixtape, The Palm Wine Drinkard, was very abstract and avant-garde, so this seems to be a pretty steep turn in the other direction, which for some people may be a good thing.