Petite League

Petite League – Leaf Surfer

On the east coast, waves are much more of a fantasy than a reality.  Petite League, hailing from Syracuse, knows he’ll never learn how to ride the gnar so instead he’s going to learn how to become a leaf surfer.  Baby. -PK

pkelly94Petite League – Leaf Surfer
passion pusher ep

EP: Passion Pusher – Keep My Thoughts

  If Passion Pusher has been too loud or noisy for you in the past, this EP might be more your style.  Emphasis on might though.  This is still Passion Pusher which means that the fuzz and uncontrollable sounds are just as important to the music as his tunes are.  It’s just that on Keep My Thoughts the noise is all …

pkelly94EP: Passion Pusher – Keep My Thoughts
siioux falls

EP: Sioux Falls – Lights Off For Danger

Just the other day I was wondering when we’d get some new music from Sioux Falls, one of the more memorable bands from the overall memorable DIY, emo and lo-fi resurgence that everyone is just now starting to really talk about.  Seriously look what Pitchfork posted about today.  Although Sioux Falls have similarities with many of the lo-fi emo bands, …

pkelly94EP: Sioux Falls – Lights Off For Danger

Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Grand Mariner

Grand Mariner are three dudes from New Jersey that don’t really like the beach that much despite sounding like they were raised on a healthy diet of King of the Beach and Afraid of Heights.  Happy to Birth is a scuzzy EP full of scuzzy surf-punk anthems, but you probably could’ve figured that out from reading the tracklist which includes …

pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Grand Mariner

mp3: Passion Pusher – Sansex

Satan Mating is like a long night out drinking.  The beginning is all energy, blown out and impossible to grasp the next day without blurring everything together.  Then around 4AM or so, everything changes.  The world gets all slow and all the lights and all the people are tired from wasting away.  It’s beautiful in an ugly sort of way. …

pkelly94mp3: Passion Pusher – Sansex

EP: acab rocky – sara

After dropping their new single a few weeks back, we’ve finally had the pleasure of listening through acab rocky’s newest sara.  As the album art suggests, sara is a dark, gothic tinged ride through the home recordings of acab rocky who possess a maturity in song writing well beyond their years while remaining an album that could have only been …

pkelly94EP: acab rocky – sara

mp3 Premiere: Acab Rocky – Sara pt. 1

Acab Rocky first drew our attention and won our praise with their disgusting EP late last year and they are starting 2014 strong with a new jam that they were kind enough to let us premiere.  “Sara pt. 1” is a noticeably bold and ambitious track for the young group in the same vein as lo-fi/folk classics such as “The King …

pkelly94mp3 Premiere: Acab Rocky – Sara pt. 1