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Rewrote – babe u feel me tho

Rewrote blessed the world today with an unloading of a handful of new material.  Among the remixes and rips were two tracks that were originally featured in his Air Pressure Systems Mix for LOGO Mag.  “babe u feel me tho” is the kind of oddball club music we’ve been missing in our lives.  At times the synths sound like kids …

pkelly94Rewrote – babe u feel me tho

Tive – Oblivious

Anchored by a beautifully atmospheric beat from producer Falco, “Oblivious” makes quite the first impression for LA rapper Tive (pronounced like give).  Tive’s clearest sonic touchstone is Bones but it never sounds like he’s biting his style.  While Bones meets atmosphere with an equally smoked out vocal delivery, Tive brings a muffled bark to his verses.  Confidence spills over all three …

pkelly94Tive – Oblivious

Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: ghostwerk

Electronic music production is rapidly moving towards simplicity.  More and more producers are sticking to programs like FL Studio and Ableton Live with high ease of use and a vast library of tips and instructions in the form of forums and message boards.  ghostwerk, however, finds inspiration and creativity through older music formats that are quickly going extinct such as the .it format …

tccarr14Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: ghostwerk

mp3: RAJA Black – Peace

I’m glad to say that it appears that people are starting to take notice of Kingston/Brooklyn NY producer RAJA’s incredible and eclectic talent.  Although I’m not completely sure, from this track it looks as though RAJA and Brainfeeder spitter Jeremiah Jae are teaming up to make a project under the monicker RAJA Black.  Although I was a little underwhelmed by …

tccarr14mp3: RAJA Black – Peace

Mixtape: Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru – Winter In Prague

After consistently putting out great tracks every other month or so, Vince Staples and Michael Uzowuru finally just dropped a full project together.  Winter in Prague has all of the quirky yet on point Neptunes-influenced beats we’ve learned to expect from Michael Uzowuru with a darker tinge than previous tracks that suits Vince’s style extremely well.  Vince is still at …

tccarr14Mixtape: Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru – Winter In Prague

Video: Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru- Matlock

Most buzzing rappers these days make it after one of their videos goes viral on the blogosphere and is able to show off their unique style and image.  Now the incredibly talented Vince Staples has his own ‘Purple Swag’/‘Yonkers’ with this video for ‘Matlock’.  Listening to Vince’s deadpan and rich flow is paired perfectly with the grainy, black and white …

pkelly94Video: Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru- Matlock

mp3: Astronautica- Lowrider

Astronautica is doing a nice job carving out her own sound in an overcrowded producer scene with an incredibly mellow and laid back collection of tracks.  During our interview, Edrina talked about her musical background with guitar which is demonstrated nicely on this track.  Let me add one more entry into the total collection of blog posts you will read …

pkelly94mp3: Astronautica- Lowrider