mp3: RAJA Black – Peace

I’m glad to say that it appears that people are starting to take notice of Kingston/Brooklyn NY producer RAJA’s incredible and eclectic talent.  Although I’m not completely sure, from this track it looks as though RAJA and Brainfeeder spitter Jeremiah Jae are teaming up to make a project under the monicker RAJA Black.  Although I was a little underwhelmed by Jeremiah Jae’s debut album Raw Money Raps, I can’t think of one piece of material RAJA has released in the past year that I didn’t like, so no matter what I’ll have high hopes for this project.  Presumably the first track off of it, “Peace” does not disappoint.  RAJA provides a wonky, fairly erie, and wonderfully gritty beat and Jeremiah Jae sticks to his guns with a smooth flow, and some of his more polished lyricism; tinting classic rap clichés with the abstract.  I have no idea when this project is set to be released or if it even will be, but it is sure to be a doozy if it is.



Mixtape: Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru – Winter In Prague

After consistently putting out great tracks every other month or so, Vince Staples and Michael Uzowuru finally just dropped a full project together.  Winter in Prague has all of the quirky yet on point Neptunes-influenced beats we’ve learned to expect from Michael Uzowuru with a darker tinge than previous tracks that suits Vince’s style extremely well.  Vince is still at the top of his game lyrically, with dark references that walk the border of being cliché without ever actually crossing it and always maintaining a lot of personality.  Although the duo have been putting out some really great music for a while now, they still haven’t gotten too much recognition other than from their early association with Odd Future, but they definitely deserve it so hopefully Winter and Prague will catch some peoples’ attentions.  Stream one of my favorite tracks below, and listen to and download the whole project after the jump.


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Video: Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru- Matlock

Most buzzing rappers these days make it after one of their videos goes viral on the blogosphere and is able to show off their unique style and image.  Now the incredibly talented Vince Staples has his own ‘Purple Swag’/‘Yonkers’ with this video for ‘Matlock’.  Listening to Vince’s deadpan and rich flow is paired perfectly with the grainy, black and white style of this video.  The dark vibe of the video is taken even further as a clips of riot footage are projected on to Vince and Michael.  Shyne Coldchai Vol. 1 has already proved Vince to be one of the best rappers making music right now, hopefully this video will help more people realize it.


mp3: Astronautica- Lowrider

Astronautica is doing a nice job carving out her own sound in an overcrowded producer scene with an incredibly mellow and laid back collection of tracks.  During our interview, Edrina talked about her musical background with guitar which is demonstrated nicely on this track.  Let me add one more entry into the total collection of blog posts you will read today that tell you to turn the music on, close your eyes and float away.  Let those ‘Lowrider’ vibes take over.


mp3: Anthony Ellect x Capeface- Note

As a producer, Anthony Ellect is proving incapable of doing any wrong.  Even though it is still very early in his career, Anthony Ellect has managed to build up a strong collection of tracks that surpass the average soundclouder.  For his latest jam, Anthony teamed up with UK producer Capeface for the collaboration ‘Note’.  LA and the UK have some of the best scenes and talents for producers so it’s cool to see artists from both areas reaching out to each other.  Unsurprisingly, ‘Note’ does not fail to blow me away.  Although it is impossible to distinguish each individual contribution stylistically with this track, ‘Note’ is a bass-heavy, soulful, glitchy mess that is hard to stop listening to.