Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Jalal Salaam

Jamal Smith a.k.a Poptart Pete doesn’t give his beats out to just anyone, so I was definitely expecting something great when I saw that Smith lent one of his beats to Jalal Salaam.  Their collaboration “Nocturnal” didn’t instantly jump out at me as jaw dropping, however, it definitely had me interested so I decided to check out Jalal Salaam’s debut mixtape Mathematics.  Like “Nocturnal”, Mathematics took a few listens to sink in and I can honestly say that after having spent a good amount of time with this release that it’s one of my favorite hip-hop releases of the year.  Jalal Salaam’s world in Mathematics is steeped in psychedelic cosmology, comic books and afrofuturism.  He’s definitely on the same vibes as some of our other favorites like uhlife and Shabazz Palaces.  Stream my favorite two tracks from Mathematics below and the entire release after the jump.


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Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 19

We took a break from beatie diving all day erryday this week to watch this on repeat.  May 21st really can’t come any sooner but hopefully these DANK ASS BEATIES will help us get through the next month.  These nutritious beaties are provided by vhlv on that wonky shit, NVTHLSS with a cooool remix, Poptart Pete straight shruggin, Voduz poppin caps and Sasquatch going all bleeeep blooop and what not.  Get your biweekly recommending dose after the jump.

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Eat Your Beaties Awards: 2012

We’ve made a lot of big changes through the last year.  We switched over to self-hosting, designed a custom layout, interviewed a lot of cool people, listened to a lot of good music, and, most importantly, ate a lot of beaties.  Inspired by the exploding beat scene that developed on soundcloud over the past year, we started putting out a collection of some of the best damn beaties out there regardless of the blood, sweat, and tears spilled to find them.  We started the feature when we realized that it would take us longer to write about the tracks than it would take for someone to listen to them, however, we still managed to accumulate a collection of some especially noteworthy beaties.  So we’ve decided to honor those special beaties with our first ever Eat Your Beaties Awards.  Put on something nice and enjoy the ceremonies after the jump.

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Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 8

Newt Gingrich once told me that to succeed in life sometimes you just have to drill, drill, drill so drill we did and eventually we came upon a huge reserve of some of the finest beaties to date.  The resulting volume features an avant-garde and captivating instrumental from Ahnnu, a friendly reminder from Raja that Wu-Tang is for the kids, some gameboy experimentation from Tree and Shelf Nunny, sample heavy footwork from Traxman and an ode to man’s favorite pastime from Poptart Pete.  Hitting the jump will enrich your life.

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Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 1

We could go (and have gone) on for a while about how soundcloud has changed the beat scene, however, the basic point is that there is an incredible amount of easily accessible artists making increasingly more experimental music that are all based around the website.  Everyday we hear a lot of great beats that we dig, however, due to either laziness or lack of song length/progression we don’t have much more to say about the music than that it’s really good.  So from now on we’ll be featuring the creme of the beat crop on Eat Your Beaties.  We’re kicking off Vol. 1 with a 16-bit banger from Option Command, Yung Satan’s remix of Koen’s ’992′, a beat from Oakland based OSO, a collab  from Poptart Pete and Tuamie and a fresh tune from Russian producer rbe. all after the jump.

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I found out something the other day that made me pretty happy.  Jamal Smith, the skateboarder known for absolutely destroying quarter pipes, dancing, and of course eating cereal makes beats under the Soundcloud alias Poptart Pete.  The best part is that Jamal Smith’s foray into the musical world is no Terry Kennedy tomfoolery, but actually very successful.  Poptart Pete’s sample-based beats are nicely textured with with drums that you can’t help but bob your head to and often include mellow organ or string samples.  I already thought that Jamal Smith was awesome in a bunch of different ways, so its nice to be able to just tack on musical talent to the list.  Stream two tracks below and link to his Soundcloud page below that.