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Avalon Emerson – Constantly My Cure

Perhaps above all else, Avalon Emerson has made a name for herself for her strict commitment to quality over quantity.  Over the past few years, Emerson has released a slow and steady trickle of material as she continues to refine and refine and refine her craft.  Listen to the slick, aerodynamic twists of “Constantly My Cure” compared to (the still …

pkelly94Avalon Emerson – Constantly My Cure
avalon emerson

Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal

San Francisco native Avalon Emerson may not have been releasing tracks at a prodigious rate lately but she isn’t slacking either.  After moving to Berlin (I’ve read), Avalon Emerson has finally blessed us with some new material in the shape of her Let Me Love & Steal EP.  The EP opens with a blast of bliss that is far more balearic than …

pkelly94Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal
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Swimteam is taking over and there isn’t anything you can or should do about it.  “But PK!?!?” you’re probably saying, “isn’t PC Music the new hip thing??!?”.  Well loyal reader, they may be the next cool thing, but wouldn’t you rather be hip to the next next new thing?  I know I would.  Anyway, Rambow has always been one of …

pkelly94Rambow – SWIMTEAM_RADIO_004

EP: Hanz – A Brief Guide

While most posts I make are written after listening through a track only a few times, I wanted to give my self more time for Hanz’s newest release A Brief Guide.  I’ve been following the music of Hanz for a while now as he’s grown from a sample-based and hip-hop inspired beat maker into a force all his own and …

pkelly94EP: Hanz – A Brief Guide

mp3: Slam Skillet – Avena

In case you didn’t hear, we threw an awesome concert last night with a bunch of the homies.  Slam Skillet was there and played an awesome set of new material along with some of his tracks from his awesome Rachis EP.  One of the highlights of the set was this new jam “Avena”.  It was awesome on the rooftop with cool …

pkelly94mp3: Slam Skillet – Avena

EP: Color Plus – Lemon Cycle

Connecticut producer/homeboy Color Plus just released his new EP, and its by far his strongest effort yet.  I originally got really into Color Plus because of the crazy and delicate atmospheric vibes of his Cerulean Dream EP, and although his style has evolved a bit since then, he still maintains all of that goodness.  On Lemon Cycle, Color Plus integrates ideas from …

tccarr14EP: Color Plus – Lemon Cycle