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Chaden x Noah B – New New York

Considering how New York stands, always has stood, and probably will always stand as a music mecca, “New New York” is a bold declaration in title alone.  Although they’ve been bumping around the blogosphere for a minute, Chaden, Noah B, B. Mob, Jalal Salaam and Stainless Steele aren’t the biggest presences in the world of hip-hop.  But they should be.  “New …

pkelly94Chaden x Noah B – New New York
arc 2 tho

Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – arc II: the remains

The original arc made floating music, the kind that I’d expect to listen to on a train to the cosmos.  arc II isn’t nearly as interested in being any where close to uplifting.  “I wanna go home, I wanna see my family, but everyone is gone, I wanna go home, I wanna see someone, but I can’t…” Devenny explains at the …

pkelly94Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – arc II: the remains
cameron butler

Cameron Butler – Chi (ft. DooF)

Although he’s thrown the hashtag in the description of most of his songs, I’ve never really thought to look deeper into DooF’s Bayce crew.  Cameron Butler’s new track popped up on my newsfeed and I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a listen.  Much like DooF, Butler isn’t a rapper who’s looking to grab your attention with an innovative or …

pkelly94Cameron Butler – Chi (ft. DooF)

Izzy Groovy – Tasteless.

The most important thing you need to know about Izzy Groovy’s “Tasteless.” is that we should have posted it a while ago because it’s been a summer staple since it’s release.  Produced by his younger brother El Groovy, “Tasteless.” is the perfect introduction to the zany world of Izzy.  Only rapper to call himself tasteless for his attraction to Gucci, …

pkelly94Izzy Groovy – Tasteless.


Black Kray has been doing some big things since our original introduction to him and he is now ready to make his ascent into his LIL SHYNE persona.  In this song Kray does what he does best, starting out with selecting a stunning beat produced by Antonio.  In “Rain Touched Me” Kray lays his usual vocals consisting of a continuous …

tccarr14BLACK KRAY AKA LIL SHYNE – Rain Touched Me
Doof Kvze

EP: DooF x KVZE – sHtruggle pHood

DooF and KVZE have been working with each other for a while now doing a lot to prove that VA is a hot-spot for progressive minded hip-hop.  It really was only a matter of time before they decided to release a tape together and sHtruggle pHood delivers on their promise.  Unlike the consistently vibed out pHake DiiP, sHtruggle pHood is …

pkelly94EP: DooF x KVZE – sHtruggle pHood

EP: DooF – pHake DiiP

DooF’s been on our radar for a while and it’s been hard to deny that he’s gotten a lot better since his early days of MF DOOM inspired, lisp-accented rap.  Yesterday he dropped two new EPs and I think a lot more people are going to have a hard time ignoring his voice.  The first EP, pHake DiiP, is a …

pkelly94EP: DooF – pHake DiiP