EP: T I N D E R G R A M – T I N D E R G R A M

Even though everyone on the east coast is cautious of getting let down by false foreshadows of spring, I am confident that true spring weather is imminent in the next few weeks.  During April showers I am listening to T I N D E R G R A M non stop while waiting for May flowers.  T I N D E R G R A M is a currently faceless producer who knows exactly how to coax warm vibes out of samples of any sort and this first tape exhibits that perfectly.  Made up of 11 simple, loop-based songs, T I N D E R G R A M plays through like its name-sakes, with abbreviated and instantly gratifying scenes that make up the perfect background music for daydreaming of the sunny rooftops and cold beers of the forthcoming summer.  Stream my two favorite tracks off of the tape below, and buy the cassette via Paxico Records to search for the secret T I N D E R G R A M tracks that are yet to be discovered.


mp3: Spooky Black – Without You (Supa Bwe & Sidewalk Kal Remix)

Whether or not you like him, Spooky Black is primed to blow up (at least on the same level as Yung Lean) and he deserves it.  ”Without You” is one of the most interesting pop tracks to drop this year and it sounds even better with Supa Bwe and Sidewalk Kal over it.  The boys mostly leave the original intact, only adding their own original verses seamlessly in between Spooky Black’s.  Sidewalk Kal is unsurprisingly amazing with a fast paced verse over the slowed beat and Supa Bwe adds some much needed texture to Spooky Black’s singing.  The original may be a singular work but it’s hard to deny how much Kal and Supa Bwe add.


Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 38

We know, it’s been a while.  Hopefully you were all enjoying the sun too much to be on your computers anyway. Lol jk, I hate the sun because it makes it so that I have to come up with excuses to spend all day inside on my computer instead of getting tan or whatever with the cool bros.  Anyway, it’s been a while so we’re just gonna give you a jumbo sized beaties volume to make it up to you all.  Yup.  This volume is 8 beaties deep.  #rare.  Enjoy the vibes from Lil Netzero, Drip-133, ghostwerk, sabata, F. King Taisho, cight, wu-lu and andrew michael.

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mp3: Iglooghost & Tay Devenny – vat of fudge

Ever since dropping his epically lengthed “Vancouver/palm” and his equally impressive LP Shrine, Tay Devenny has been on a mission to progress his sound beyond the limitations of what is classically considered to be hip-hop.  His newest collaboration with producer Iglooghost, “✿︵✿ (vat﹏of°fudge) ❀︵❀” (which we’ll just call “vat of fudge” for convenience), continues his experimentation with hip-hop proper.  There are only about 30 seconds of actually rapping on the track but it is 30 seconds of Devenny’s most potent and ear grabbing performances yet.  His bars move unhinged by any conventional beat, starting at a breakneck pace and eventually slowing down as the song disintegrates into its dreamier second half.  Devenny is prepping a new release soon and this track couldn’t raise the hype levels any higher.


mp3: DooF – low (prod. rxn)

This is the sound of an artist finding his voice.  DooF’s been consistently killing it lately with a stream of releases that’s honestly been pretty hard to keep up with and while he’s always been good “low” really sounds like his proper introduction.  Wrapped in the golden orchestral beat courtesy of rxn, DooF delivers an effortless and instantly memorable verse.  DooF isn’t over extending his reach here, instead he sounds absolutely at home and sounds all the better for it.


mp3: questionz – bunchofshit

“bunchofshit” is exactly what is sounds like minus any negative associations of the word shit.  This is the kinda “hey, bros that weed is totally the shit” type of shit.  Feel me?  Basically, “bunchofshit” isn’t really just one song.  It’s four songs, or at least movements, packaged into a gorgeous and cohesive 5-minutes of beaties bliss.  questionz had honestly fallen off my radar a bit but “bunchofshit” is exactly the kinda shit I needed to remind me why we got so hyped (whatever happened to old.dez anyway?) on him in the first place.  Please keep shitting my dude.