mp3: Kanye West- Mercy (heRobust Remix)

I had to listen to this song about 6 times before I could wrap my head around all the stuff going on to make some deep social commentary on it about how it is representative about the state of music and hipster culture.  While most hip-hop remixes replace the regular beat with something more to that artist’s style, heRobust decided to go about adding layers of glitch, bass and other noises on top of the already heavy beat.  The result is incredibly disorienting to say the least and although I may be alone in my room I can’t help feel like I’m at a festival when I turn this one up loud.


Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: heRobust

I’ve heard a lot of bass music in the past year, yet, heRobust has managed to make a sound that not only stands out from the rest but also makes me amazed by a genre I’ve never really been that into.  Somehow I let this release slip by when it dropped on the 1st, however, with music this good there is no time too late to hop on the hype-train.  Let’s be honest, anyone can be a DJ these days and start to make crappy brostep beats on FL Studio. heRobust is not one of those artists.

The first 30-seconds of his track ‘Facebook Lift’ show off an enormous amount of talent with a drop that would make any basshead go crazy.  We are lucky enough to have two releases from the artist via Saturate Records, Late Night and Morning After.  As the titles suggest, Late Night is the bass and grove heavy EP while Morning After is a much more downtempo and chilled-out affair.  The two releases are perfect complements to each other and together have made heRobust easily one of my favorite producers making music now (also you can download them both for free here!).  Check out more at his website