LP: Hanz – Reducer

Hanz has been one of our favorite producers for a while now but I still can’t help but feel that this has to be one of his break-out releases.  At least in the upper-underground.  Reducer is an absolute monster of a listen which, thanks to my new desk job, I have had the ability to listen through multiple times.  It …

pkelly94LP: Hanz – Reducer

mp3: Hanz – Count

Hanz may finally be starting to gain the attention and fan base he deserves but that doesn’t mean his music is going to become any more accessible or traditional.  His newest single, “Count” is easily one of the most minimal tracks he’s put out in a while.  Similarly to his last release “War Fiction”, there is a militaristic quality to …

pkelly94mp3: Hanz – Count

mp3: Issue x Perera Elsewhere – Power is Mine (prod. Hanz)

I wasn’t familiar with Issue or Perera Elsewhere before listening to their collaboration with Hanz and to be honest I probably will only be listening to more of them if Hanz continues to provide his beats.  “Power is Mine” isn’t so much a rap as it is hypnotically droned mantras over Hanz gorgeous (if not incredibly low in the mix) …

pkelly94mp3: Issue x Perera Elsewhere – Power is Mine (prod. Hanz)

mp3: Hanz – War Fiction

We’ve come to expect unpredictability from Hanz but I still can’t help but be surprised and wowed by his newest single “War Fiction”.  If you’re reading The Up-Turn because you like our (pretty darn good if I do say so myself) taste in hip-hop or lo-fi rock then “War Fiction” may not be your thing.  This is experimental a.f. bros. …

pkelly94mp3: Hanz – War Fiction

The Up-Turn Presents: Mapping Hip-Hop

When I received an open-ended final assignment for my writing class this past semester I pretty much knew what I wanted to do right away.  The class was about being a writing tutor and how to teach people how to write so I decided to interview some of my favorite under-appreciated writers and lyricists about their writing process.  Although I’m …

pkelly94The Up-Turn Presents: Mapping Hip-Hop

mp3: Chris Villa – Deaf Check 3 (prod. Hanz)

Considering his more experimental turn in music making recently, I was unsure of whether Hanz would return to making the amazing hip-hop beats that Chris Villa struts over so well.  It’s been a while, but the pope and Hanz are back working together and the result is the mature and fine tuned “Deaf Check 3″.  While “Deaf Check 3″ is …

pkelly94mp3: Chris Villa – Deaf Check 3 (prod. Hanz)