heart eyes – miley EP

I hate the assumption that low points in life always lead to great art from artists because neither life or art ever work that simply, but sometimes sad moments can produce beautiful music.  Chef of Ghost Row‘s most recent project, heart eyes, comes with a short tagline indicating that the songs on this EP were recorded on a cell phone “by a …

tccarr14heart eyes – miley EP

EP: Ghost Row – 800 Diamonds

CT homies Ghost Row finally released their debut project with Cadence Collective, and its everything we had hoped it would be.  If you’ve listened to Ghost Row’s music before or read PK’s interview with Chef the Chef you know that Color Plus and Chef aren’t too concerned with sticking to trends and are much more interested in carving out their own …

tccarr14EP: Ghost Row – 800 Diamonds

The Up-Turn Presents: Mapping Hip-Hop

When I received an open-ended final assignment for my writing class this past semester I pretty much knew what I wanted to do right away.  The class was about being a writing tutor and how to teach people how to write so I decided to interview some of my favorite under-appreciated writers and lyricists about their writing process.  Although I’m …

pkelly94The Up-Turn Presents: Mapping Hip-Hop

mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Non Believers (prod. Mattron)

Last night Terence and I ventured out to our hipster haven in Brooklyn to meet up with the cool dudes Sidewalk Kal and Ghost Row who both gave amazing performances in an amazingly cramped space.  Even though their set hardly lasted over 20 minutes, with Kal only jumping in for a few, they reminded proved there is a lot more …

pkelly94mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Non Believers (prod. Mattron)

mp3: Ghost Row – Cranberry Octave

Cadence Collective just dropped an awesome sampler compilation, and it happened to feature a track from CT homies Ghost Row.  Ghost Row, once again, show incredibly good chemistry with this track.  Color Plus puts together an absurdly smooth beat driven by gorgeous guitar strummings, and Chef lays down some of his most effortless-sounding verses yet, with perfect flow and tasteful wordplay. …

tccarr14mp3: Ghost Row – Cranberry Octave

EP: Color Plus – Key Lime

Its been a while since Color Plus released his last EP, Cerulean Dream, and since then he has been up to a number of different things, releasing two EP’s with Chef the Chef under the name Ghost Row.   For most of the songs for Ghost Row, Color Plus toned down the thick ambience and airy nature of his solo music, but …

tccarr14EP: Color Plus – Key Lime