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After a bunch of aggressive, unique, and aggressively unique tracks and a lot of anticipation leading up to it, Chris Villa has finally dropped his debut mixtape Pillage Vatican City.  Villa isn’t the type of guy who is going to spend a lot of time crafting dizzying wordplay or complex rhyme schemes, he would rather just rhythmically blend into the beats with an abbreviated angry flow which is perfect for the project, because the beats provided by himself and fellow Augusta, Georgia artist Hanz, are all really really good.  Although Hanz and Villa have two distinct production styles, their beats meet in the best places, with hard-hitting 808 drums and mysteriously opulent sounding samples.  Overall, Pillage Vatican City is an extremely strong first project from an artist, which shows Villa to have a lot of valuable self-awareness and a good ear in general, which are both great omens for his career.


UPDATE: Chris just uploaded the tape to soundcloud for y’all so stream that shit below right nowwww.  Favorite tracks include “Cocktail Molotov” (at 16:57) and “Deaf Check 2″ (at 28:55).


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Hanz’ long awaited The Fire Thief EP dropped today which is possibly the strongest release from the Augusta producer so far.  If you aren’t familiar with the world of Hanz’ music, The Fire Thief is a pretty great place to start because it is apparent from the very start that this is not your average beat tape.  Tracks progress on skeletal percussion with staggering paces and dissonant melodies constructed around contrasting samples.  The beats here are dark and scarce like they could soundtrack and urban horror film, which is a nice change of pace from all the blogwave out there.  Hanz even takes on a 13 minute track entitled ‘Erobern’ with the EP which is something very unusual and ambitious for a beat maker.  Stream the album below and download it over at his bandcamp…


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Chris Villa and Hanz have been making great tracks together for a while now and each time they have gotten better from the collaboration.  Their latest track, ‘Remember the Pope’, is definitely the best they’ve sounded together with Chris Villa pushing to rap just as aggressively as Hanz’ beat is unsettling and disorienting.  Lyrically, this is the strongest material I’ve heard from Chris Villa.  His flow is perfectly suited for this kind of lyrical assault as Chris Villa mixes religious references with the more typical topics of drugs and sex.  I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from Villa’s upcoming mixtape Pillage Vatican City so I’ll definitely be psyched to hear that when it drops.


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