Petite League

Petite League – Leaf Surfer

On the east coast, waves are much more of a fantasy than a reality.  Petite League, hailing from Syracuse, knows he’ll never learn how to ride the gnar so instead he’s going to learn how to become a leaf surfer.  Baby. -PK

pkelly94Petite League – Leaf Surfer
gorgeous bully featured

Gorgeous Bully – I Can’t Sleep…

Of all the garage rock bands we’ve covered on this website, Gorgeous Bully were not at the top of my list for artists who’d be able to pull off an unarguably gorgeous (yup) song.  “I Can’t Sleep Because I’m Afraid You’ll Leave” says it all in the title, it’s unashamedly sentimental and relatable for anyone who’s ever fallen in love. …

pkelly94Gorgeous Bully – I Can’t Sleep…
gorgeous bully tho

Gorgeous Bully – I Think

After a few weeks of shamelessly embracing normcore hits such as “Shower” and “Fancy” I decided it was time for a detox.  “I Think” is a breath of fresh air for any pretentious blogger who’s been too busy to sit down and scowl at the world for a bit.  Not that this song is a bummer.  It’s not.  “I Think” …

pkelly94Gorgeous Bully – I Think

mp3: YOOFS – Toy Organ

Carefree, sun-drenched garage rock from the UK… need I say more?  Aight fine.  YOOFS aren’t the most original band making music now, but as I’ve come to learn more and more during this year that really doesn’t matter much when music is good.  “Toy Organ” packs a whole lot into a lean 3 minutes including a power guitar solo, a …

pkelly94mp3: YOOFS – Toy Organ

mp3: Only Real – Get It On

I’m honestly surprised that it has taken someone this long to release a song entitled “Get It On”… unless of course someone has already done that and I haven’t heard of it.  Regardless, Only Real’s unsurprisingly breezy jam (his first new drop in a few months) has got to be the definitive “Get It On”.  Featuring easily his most garage …

pkelly94mp3: Only Real – Get It On

mp3: Temple Songs – Dinosaur Alley

Temple Songs have come a long long way since I listened to their first very exciting yet very rough-edged 15 Bygones tape.  Due to what I can only assume are amazing performances around England and a constant stream of catchy jangly rock, Temple Songs are finally putting out their proper premier release as a full band.  Cheers. -PK

pkelly94mp3: Temple Songs – Dinosaur Alley