mp3: Passion Pusher – Your My Favorite Coast

On the outside, Passion Pusher’s “Your My Favorite Coast” is four minutes of blown out fuzz.  And for the most part that’s all “Your My Favorite Coast” is, an impenetrable wall of fuzz, distortion and melody-less noise.  But there is something else there underneath all that fuzz that is barely even discernible but affecting.  It’s something that shakes around like …

pkelly94mp3: Passion Pusher – Your My Favorite Coast

Video: Temple Songs – I Can’t Look After You

Despite the wave of Manchester-based fuzz-pop and punk groups that dominated our blog in 2012, Temple Songs have managed to rise above and outlast the rest as clear standouts.  I’ve written the story a few times now, but I never expected Temple Songs to be where they are now after listening to their (really just Jolan’s) earliest material.  It’s been …

pkelly94Video: Temple Songs – I Can’t Look After You

mp3: Temple Songs – Dinosaur Alley

Temple Songs have come a long long way since I listened to their first very exciting yet very rough-edged 15 Bygones tape.  Due to what I can only assume are amazing performances around England and a constant stream of catchy jangly rock, Temple Songs are finally putting out their proper premier release as a full band.  Cheers. -PK

pkelly94mp3: Temple Songs – Dinosaur Alley

mp3: Cough Cool – Blue Eyes

By the end of every summer I am usually ready to take a break from scuzzy, tape-hiss filled bedroom recordings that dominate during warm weather season.  It’s April now so that season is just starting and “Blue Eyes” from veteran bedroom rocker Cough Cool isn’t a bad way to tee things off.  Guitar is the real driving force behind this …

pkelly94mp3: Cough Cool – Blue Eyes

mp3: The Beardy Durfs – Dead Poncho

One of my favorite albums from last year came from European noise-rockers The Uptights so I set some pretty high expectations when I saw this submission from Danish lo-fi ruffians The Beardy Durfs.  Meant to be played at an incredibly high volume, ‘Dead Poncho’ absolutely delivers on their noisy promise of an irresistibly sweet blend of raw energy and a cacophony of …

pkelly94mp3: The Beardy Durfs – Dead Poncho

mp3: Splashh – Vacation

After dominating our spring with an onslaught of sun-saturated and endlessly catchy tunes, Splashh made us wait all through the summer before finally dropping some new material.  The sun may not be out in full force anymore, but it hardly matters if Splashh keeps dropping music like this.  ‘Vacation’ is a song that demonstrates Splashh as a proper four piece. …

pkelly94mp3: Splashh – Vacation