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I’ve been patiently awaiting the release of Nvthlss’ EP3 ever since I dug into his fantastic EP2.  Over the past few weeks Nvthlss has been dropping a steady stream of short mp3s leading up to the final release of the beat tape.  EP3 has almost three-times more tracks than EP2 and further refines the unique take on hip-hop beats that Nvthlss has already demonstrated.  Although I can definitely see some laid-back rappers sounding great on these beats, Nvthlss’ music stands on its own and is an entrancing listen as it is.  Stream the entire tape below and download it for free over at his bandcamp


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If you’ve been checking our homepage for the past few days you may have noticed that we’re amping things up with the amount of articles each day.  For at least the next 10 weeks we will be increasing the amount of daily content and big features.  Our goal is to have at least one major article (editorial, interview, review) posted on the site each week with at least 5 interviews and 4 reviews planned to drop over the course of April and May.  I’m kickstarting the project with a conversation I had with French musician Samuel Lugwig Salla who records as Mister Bibal.  Mister Bibal got our attention when he dropped the fantastic F A I L U R E LP off Trueflav Records earlier this month.  The release is a stunning collection of electronic beats and compositions with some great features on there as well.  Samuel and I chatted about his influences and classical musical upbringing and the conversation can be read (mostly unedited) below…

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France is king when it comes to house-music with some of the genres greatest innovators and artists.  Lately, however, house has fallen in popularity to the sudden influx of bass-music that has taken over the blogosphere lately.  It’s great to hear a french producer, Mister Bibal, taking on the bass-music sound and doing it like no one else.  On his track ‘Dedication’, the first teaser for his album FAILURE, Mister Bibal crafts a wonky and gorgeous beat that provides the perfect backdrop for Black Spade to lay down his verse.  While Black Spade’s rhymes aren’t going to blow everyone away, Mister Bibal’s sputtering beat probably will.  FAILURE drops March 6th on True Flav records.


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