avalon emerson

Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal

San Francisco native Avalon Emerson may not have been releasing tracks at a prodigious rate lately but she isn’t slacking either.  After moving to Berlin (I’ve read), Avalon Emerson has finally blessed us with some new material in the shape of her Let Me Love & Steal EP.  The EP opens with a blast of bliss that is far more balearic than …

pkelly94Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal
Doof Kvze

EP: DooF x KVZE – sHtruggle pHood

DooF and KVZE have been working with each other for a while now doing a lot to prove that VA is a hot-spot for progressive minded hip-hop.  It really was only a matter of time before they decided to release a tape together and sHtruggle pHood delivers on their promise.  Unlike the consistently vibed out pHake DiiP, sHtruggle pHood is …

pkelly94EP: DooF x KVZE – sHtruggle pHood
spark alaska

mp3: Spark Alaska – Portugese Voices

Not every offspring of the emo revival needed to be sad necessarily.  Spark Alaska is actually pretty happy, which is exactly what he says in the description of his latest EP Longest Winter.  “This is a record about being happy, figuring it all out, and long, long winters”.  Admittedly, some of the EP is a bit too twee/cute for my taste …

pkelly94mp3: Spark Alaska – Portugese Voices

EP: DooF – pHake DiiP

DooF’s been on our radar for a while and it’s been hard to deny that he’s gotten a lot better since his early days of MF DOOM inspired, lisp-accented rap.  Yesterday he dropped two new EPs and I think a lot more people are going to have a hard time ignoring his voice.  The first EP, pHake DiiP, is a …

pkelly94EP: DooF – pHake DiiP
passion pusher ep

EP: Passion Pusher – Keep My Thoughts

  If Passion Pusher has been too loud or noisy for you in the past, this EP might be more your style.  Emphasis on might though.  This is still Passion Pusher which means that the fuzz and uncontrollable sounds are just as important to the music as his tunes are.  It’s just that on Keep My Thoughts the noise is all …

pkelly94EP: Passion Pusher – Keep My Thoughts
siioux falls

EP: Sioux Falls – Lights Off For Danger

Just the other day I was wondering when we’d get some new music from Sioux Falls, one of the more memorable bands from the overall memorable DIY, emo and lo-fi resurgence that everyone is just now starting to really talk about.  Seriously look what Pitchfork posted about today.  Although Sioux Falls have similarities with many of the lo-fi emo bands, …

pkelly94EP: Sioux Falls – Lights Off For Danger

Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Grand Mariner

Grand Mariner are three dudes from New Jersey that don’t really like the beach that much despite sounding like they were raised on a healthy diet of King of the Beach and Afraid of Heights.  Happy to Birth is a scuzzy EP full of scuzzy surf-punk anthems, but you probably could’ve figured that out from reading the tracklist which includes …

pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Grand Mariner