mp3: Ducktails – The Flower Lane

Ducktails, the longtime solo project of Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile, has been a blog favorite for his experimentations with jangle-pop, electronic soundscapes and psychedelic guitar music.  Apparently not content with being part of one of the best indie-rock bands currently making music, Mondanile has gone and recruited musicians to make Ducktails a full-fledged band instead of just a solo project and ‘The Flower Lane’ is our first taste of the new Ducktails.  Opening with a catchy organ riff, ‘The Flower Lane’ showcases Ducktails as a band ready to fully embrace a pop-rock sound that was hinted at on his last release Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics.  Although I find myself missing the more experimental side of Ducktails with this track, it’s also awesome to hear how Mondanile has grown as a songwriter and there is enough obscure Ducktails releases to satisfy my lo-fi, psychedelic, guitar-instrumental needs for a long time.


Video: Dirty Projectors – Gun Has No Trigger

The Swing Lo Magellan hype continues to build with this new video for first leak ‘Gun Has No Trigger’.  Inspired by the mid-2000s ipod ads that made such songs as ‘Flathead’ and ‘Shut Up And Let Me Go’ popular, this clip features the silhouettes of the band as they belt out the incredibly vocal demanding track.  As the track builds during the chorus the video reveals clear shots of the singers to highlight just how much they have to strain their faces to belt out the notes and it works well with the swelling chorus.  Also David’s new flow is pretty darn cool.


mp3: Animal Collective- Honeycomb & Gotham

My opinion on every single Animal Collective song I have ever listened to has changed drastically as I’ve been able to spend more time with them (usually growing from “yeah I guess this is cool” to “mind blowing”), so while I’m writing this I completely am aware that anything I say now won’t be relevant in a few days.  Animal Collective have finally released the first taste of their follow up to 2009′s amazing releases Merriweather Post Pavillion and Fall Be Kind.  As expected, Animal Collective sound nothing like they did when we last heard them.  Instead, ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’ seem to borrow from all their past releases with an incredibly colorful and fun sound. ‘Honeycomb’, which has been a live mainstay for Animal Collective for a while, bounces around on Strawberry Jam weirdness with washes of Merriweather’s pure pop bliss while ‘Gotham’ is much more understated with touches of Feels noisiness.  The reason I can confidently say Animal Collective are my favorite band is because of how great they are at working across a spectrum of emotions and sounds, something that ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’ show off incredibly well.  Go pre-order the single from Domino and hit the link below for the stream.

Stream: Animal Collective- Honeycomb & Gotham