swim team trax 1

Swim Team – Trax 1

Over the past few months, Swim Team has become a crew too talented and unique to possibly ignore.  After a few spectacular SWIMTEAM_RADIO mixes they’ve finally put together 10 tracks into a proper release.  Listening to Trax 1 reminds me of the excitement I got when I listened to M|O|D back in 2012.  Swim Team have such a developed style, …

pkelly94Swim Team – Trax 1
rambow featured


Swimteam is taking over and there isn’t anything you can or should do about it.  “But PK!?!?” you’re probably saying, “isn’t PC Music the new hip thing??!?”.  Well loyal reader, they may be the next cool thing, but wouldn’t you rather be hip to the next next new thing?  I know I would.  Anyway, Rambow has always been one of …

pkelly94Rambow – SWIMTEAM_RADIO_004

mp3: Color Plus – Rytm [Forthcoming]

Aside from an awesome remix EP and the even more awesome new Ghost Row EP, it’s been almost a year since we’ve heard new original material from Color Plus.  “Rytm” is his newest release and it shows off exactly how has sound has evolved.  While Cerulean Dream remains one of my favorite electronic EPs of the past few years, “Rytm” is …

pkelly94mp3: Color Plus – Rytm [Forthcoming]

EP: Slam Skillet – Ecotone

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard a new release from Slam Skillet but his new EP Ecotone gives us plenty for the wait.  For me, Slam Skillet has always been an expert at crafting amazing sounds and Ecotone is no exception.  Opener “Sable” may be one of the prettiest non-ambient pieces of electronic music you’ve ever heard.  Even …

pkelly94EP: Slam Skillet – Ecotone

mp3: Avalon Emerson – Caroline

Aside from putting out a few remixes and guest mixes, house princess Avalon Emerson has made us wait quite a few months for some new material.  While her earlier material found Avalon Emerson working with more experimental and less danceable sides of house, “Caroline” is a groove heavy track that was made to be danced to.  Aside from the vocal …

pkelly94mp3: Avalon Emerson – Caroline

EP: M|O|D – PENG 003

And so arrives the bittersweet ending to M|O|D’s PENG series.  Fortunately, I think PENG 003 is the best of the trilogy.  On the first and second installments of the series, we saw each of the five producers begin to pick up new styles after moving beyond their trap roots, and on the third, we see them begin to perfect them.  Arnold’s new melodic …

tccarr14EP: M|O|D – PENG 003