SEENMR – Dirty Tapes Mix

It’s not exactly new music from SEENMR, but this “9 minutes of filth” is a reminder of the distinctive sonic world that SEENMR inhabits.  His mix is just as messy as the pile of garbage on the artwork but also as architecturally stimulating.  Over the course of the 9 minutes the mix includes blasts of hip-hop, tape recordings of an empty …

pkelly94SEENMR – Dirty Tapes Mix
seenmr palm trees


It’s been a while.  After earning winning over our ears with an unstoppable stream of beat tapes SEENMR is back with a new taste of the music he’s been working on.  Less reliant on explicit samples and instead concentrated on the all encompassing vibe, “Cutty” is a natural progression for SEENMR.  Along with an extensive definition for “cutty”, SEENMR promises …

pkelly94SEENMR – CUTTY

EP: Sidewalk Kal – Champagne Forever

Sidewalk Kal has released enough amazing music over the past few years to compile better albums than your favorite rapper.  Although he’s made us wait far too long, his debut EP Champagne Forever is finally here.  Three tracks may seem to be a pretty bare-bones release considering how most rappers these days are willing to release a new 30+ track …

pkelly94EP: Sidewalk Kal – Champagne Forever

mp3: Spooky Black – Without You (Supa Bwe & Sidewalk Kal Remix)

Whether or not you like him, Spooky Black is primed to blow up (at least on the same level as Yung Lean) and he deserves it.  “Without You” is one of the most interesting pop tracks to drop this year and it sounds even better with Supa Bwe and Sidewalk Kal over it.  The boys mostly leave the original intact, …

pkelly94mp3: Spooky Black – Without You (Supa Bwe & Sidewalk Kal Remix)

EP: Zoo Brother – Gemini Girl

I don’t know if chillwave or bedroom-pop are still dirty words on the blogosphere but it’s really hard to care when Zoo Brother’s newest EP is this blissfully good.  Taking a page from TV Girl, Zoo Brother works with short bursts of sampled joy to construct his beats and layers his vocals over the beats for hypnotizingly gorgeous effect.  “Psychic …

pkelly94EP: Zoo Brother – Gemini Girl

mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Thousand Arrows (prod. TUAMIE)

Ever since I first listened to Tuamie I’ve been hoping that a properly skilled rapper would take on one of his perfect loops.  Luckily the wait is over as one of our favorite rapper’s decided to spit over a jazzy loop on “Thousand Arrows”.  This is two gods coming together and “Thousand Arrows” is appropriately awesome.  Over the nonstop movement …

pkelly94mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Thousand Arrows (prod. TUAMIE)