mp3: Yung Gud – A Title Is Required (Feat. littlecloud)

For people that don’t know, Yung Gud, one of Yung Lean’s excellent producers, has been around making more than just futuristic spacey trap beats for a while.  His soundcloud page has a huge catalog of different work which you wouldn’t expect if you only listened to his music with Yung Lean.  This track is a really good example of his versatility.  This time Yung Gud is working with UK artist littlecloud, who we have featured in our Eat Your Beaties before, but I had no idea had an amazing voice.  Yung Gud’s beat is subtly spaceous with a huge amount of different textures, and littlecloud’s emotive vocals perfectly match it.  Yung Gud’s work with Yung Lean is great, but I also want to hear more of this.


LP: Spring King – In All This Murk and Dirt

Our first introduction to UK band Spring King was their song “Avocado City”, and although that song is still a favorite, it wasn’t really that great of an indication of what was to come next from them.  Their debut LP, In All This Murk and Dirt, takes their sound in a fairly difficult direction, but one that has completely won me over.  On this LP Spring King explore whichever rock sub-genre they feel like while putting their own full-throttle spin on them.  On “Dig Deeper” it sounds like Spring King are trying to see how much energy they can possibly pack into one track with aggressively strummed chords and chanted vocals, while on “My Sleeves” they show their sappy side with a sax solo and delicate chord progressions, and on “Better Man” they execute Libertines-esque pop 10x better than any of the hundreds of bands who have attempted that previously.  Overall, Spring King have put together one of the most unique and confident debut LP’s I have heard in a while with incredible energy that I guarantee will have you wishing to be in the crowd at one of their shows.  Stream two songs off of it below and the whole LP after the jump.


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For one reason or another, there has been no shortage of awesomely catchy and sunny lo-fi music coming out of the UK over the past year or so, and I am in no way complaining.  I’m still not completely sure how I ended up following YOOFS on Soundcloud, but this song makes me extremely glad that I did.  ”FRIGHTMARE”, clocking in at just over 2-minutes, is the perfect short light-hearted and upbeat track that I needed to convince me that summer is actually beginning.  Although I don’t know much at all about the Bournemouth-based band, I will definitely be looking out for them in the future.  Stream “FRIGHTMARE” below and link to their Soundcloud for a few more really good songs after that.



mp3: Spring King – Avocado City

I really don’t know much of anything about the Spring King besides the fact that they claim to be from Avocado City, UK… which I’m pretty sure isn’t a place… if it is though imma go there.  Spring King make slacker rock that touches upon sounds from some of my favorite slacker groups recently, namely Real Estate and Sat. Nite Duets.  Like those bands, however, Spring King don’t make overly distorted or lo-fi music in hopes that the fuzzy coat may hide their lack of true songwriting talent.  Instead, Spring King demonstrate a talent for hooks and songwriting on tracks like “Avocado City”.  Tinged with tropical percussion, “Avocado City” is a great way to start getting used to spring’s warm weather.


Video: Fun Adults – Sap Solid

A couple of months ago British band Fun Adults wowed us with their track “Sap Solid” that channeled and built upon the sound of Yellow House-era Grizzly Bear.  We were already impressed with the bands talents as musical artists, but now they have impressed us even more as visual artists with the video for “Sap Solid” which was completely animated and directed by band members Dan W Jacobs and Huw Thomas.  The video consists of a series of different painted landscapes brought to life in rhythm with the song, matching the songs changing complexity.  I’m still waiting to hear another song from Fun Adults, but this video definitely helps verify my belief in their talent and potential.


mp3: Only Real – Backseat Kissers

Only Real has been keeping a pretty nice pace over the course of this year.  Back in April he released “Cadillac Girl” which immediately showed that he was someone to look out for, then in June he showed that he could consistently make great tracks with “Cinnamon Toast”, and now, on the first day of November, we have a third track from him.  ”Backseat Kissers” is great for pretty much all of the same reasons “Cadillac Girl” and “Cinnamon Toast” are.  Only Real still executes the sing-talk style really well, incorporating just enough melody to show that he isn’t using the style as a crutch, and has come up with another twangy guitar riff that is good enough to be repeated throughout the song and still make you want to hear more of it.  I know that winter is well on its way, but this song has me feeling like July.  Only Real will be releasing this song (hopefully with at least one other) on ASL on December 10th.


mp3: Honeyslide – Sugar Routine

If you listened to British band Honeyslide’s debut self-titled EP, you might be under the impression that they only make heavy and dark songs, but now they are changing that up. With “Sugar Routine”, Honeyslide move towards a much brighter and fast-paced style.  Whereas the songs on Honeyslide EP were slow-burning, melodramatic and usually lasted around four and a half minutes, “Sugar Routine” clocks in at just under 2 minutes, and sounds like something you might actually listen to with other people instead of alone in your room.  Although Honeyslide have changed the mood up, they still maintain their grungy and heavy charm that caught our attention in the first place.  Listen to “Sugar Routine” below…