EP: Nvthlss – Vans on my feet

I’ve always been a big fan of French producer Nvthlss since he starting making EPs a while back, however, his recent run of EPs every few weeks this summer has only made me appreciate his art more.  It’s clear that Nvthlss is a committed dude when it comes to making his music.  Despite the fact that, for a reason I can’t understand, he’s being slept on by so many blogs, Nvthlss has stuck to his sound making revisions and refinements with each new entry.  Vans on my feet, while still hardly reaching over 6 minutes in total, is easily one of his finest releases to date and possibly my favorite since EP6.  With his latest EP, Nvthlss explores lush, damaged analog soundscapes that sound like an urban-tinged Boards of Canada.  People should really listen up to this dude.


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mp3: Samuel – Sausage Dog

It isn’t exactly hard to find atmospheric music these days and as a result artists need to deliver serious substance with their gorgeous compositions to stand out.  Colossal Heads is a newly formed crew of Melbourn based producers that is taking on that challenge head-on with their dreamy yet grounded electronic music.  Each track on their Colossal Heads One compilation showcases that the 5 artists in the group have a sense for writing airy stunners that showcase progression and dynamics with clear influences from Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and underground jungle and bass music.  Samuel’s ‘Sausage Dog’ is an early standout for the way it manages to pack so many memorable moments behind its under-three minutes of reverb and haze.  Opening up with a sample that could have come off Music Has the Right to Children, ‘Sausage Dog’ develops into hip-hop inspired cloud of synths and drums before finally turning into a mutated cousin of cali-funk.  Colossal Heads manage to showcase a huge amount of talent on their first release and I’m really excited to see how the experimental crew continues to grow.


mp3: Boards of Canada- Roygbiv (Tortilla Pass Remix)

Boards of Canada’s ‘Roygbiv’ is pretty much sacred when it comes to the world of experimental electronic music, so I was psyched to see Tortilla Pass take on the song.  Although he keeps most of what makes the original so great intact, Tortilla Pass still manages to turn the song into something all his own.  The remix really takes off when the haunting vocal sample croons “with roses everywhere” over the shuffling beat.  Remixes often come down to whether or not people enjoy it more than the original, however, Tortilla Pass’ take on the classic is a whole new listen with no need for comparison.