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The importance of the producer and beatmaker has been getting a lot more attention in the past few years.  The best hip-hop seems to be coming from rappers and producers who work with each other’s styles to create a better product.  Some of our favorite hip-hop collaborations include ASAP Rocky and Clams Casino, Vince Staples and Michael Uzowuru, and Chris Villa and Hanz.  Hanz and Villa are two artists based out of Augusta, Georgia who have been releasing a steady stream of distinctive and aggressive hip-hop that has the two artists mutually benefiting from the other.  Brandon’s talent extends beyond his role as a producer with some great tapes, remixes and other releases as Hanz.  I recently got to chat with Brandon about his work as Hanz, his influences and songwriting process.  The entire conversation can be read below (left largely unedited as always)…

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