mp3: How to Dress Well- Ocean Floor For Everything

In 2010, How to Dress Well was one of the leading artists in the resurgence of experimental r & b that won every bloggers hearts with purple-soaked tales of lust, drugs and hipstery things.  Becoming equally popular and notorious for his auto-tune rich vocal melodies, How to Dress Well has finally dropped some new material with his track ‘Ocean Floor For Everything’.  If you read on his website, How to Dress Well has a pretty emotionally charged story behind the track which only adds to the inherent beauty of ‘Ocean Floor For Everything’.  More noticeably, the track strips away the lo-fi-as-hell instrumentation that laced his previous material and it’s all for the better.  Excusing the auto-tune, there is nothing hiding the whale call-like melodies, which is good because he does a great job with them.