mp3: Day Ravies – Reality School

“Reality School” is rainy day music from the australian garage-rockers Day Ravies.  Female and Male leads trade vocals across the dreamy track that fades out in just under 2 minutes.  Despite the short length, Day Ravies manage to pack all sorts of gorgeous guitar tones into the track that shuffle between twee-chimes to shoegaze woozyness.  It’s pouring outside right now …

pkelly94mp3: Day Ravies – Reality School

mp3: Harbours – Cashew

Harbours is a dude from Mebourne who makes music.  Judging by his debut “Cashew”, Harbours is a dude who makes really good music.  “Cashew” definitely comes from a Toro y Moi inspired brand of electronic-pop with plenty of bright synths and woozy vocals.  While chillwave has been a blogosphere joke ever since 2009, “Cashew” reminds me of the promise I …

pkelly94mp3: Harbours – Cashew

mp3: André – have

“Hey, we have nothing and we’re losing it now.” Really digging on these Pavement influenced vibes from Australian-native André.  “have” is slacker rock that packs some serious instrumental and compositional expertise… so basically the best kind of slacker rock. -PK

pkelly94mp3: André – have

mp3: Au.Ra – Sun

Hailing from the same continent that delivered my favorite psych-rock album of the year, Au.Ra are an Australian bedroom-rock group that are experimenting with the same sort of drug induced bliss that Tame Impala are so good at.  Shimmering with tropical-tinged guitars, “Sun” sets some pretty lofty standards as the group’s first release.  Although everything is drowned in sweet, reverby …

pkelly94mp3: Au.Ra – Sun

mp3: Charles Murdoch – Blue and Bones

Australian producer Charles Murdoch has been fine tuning his sound for a few months now as we’ve seen him develop his sound into something undeniably his own.  Ever since he put out “Okay Good Alright”, Charles has been moving his great if not generic dope-wave sound towards an embrace of organic textures and ambient song progressions.  “Blue and Bones” works …

pkelly94mp3: Charles Murdoch – Blue and Bones

mp3: Mining Boom – Telecom

Right now Mining Boom are repping Perth, Australia better than just about anyone on our radar and are delivering a steady stream of catchy and sunny lo-fi jams.  Their newest single “Telecom” is dedicated to the Australian communications company of the same name with an irresistibly sweet hook about calling someone as much as they can.  Whether or not it was a …

pkelly94mp3: Mining Boom – Telecom

mp3: Samuel – Sausage Dog

It isn’t exactly hard to find atmospheric music these days and as a result artists need to deliver serious substance with their gorgeous compositions to stand out.  Colossal Heads is a newly formed crew of Melbourn based producers that is taking on that challenge head-on with their dreamy yet grounded electronic music.  Each track on their Colossal Heads One compilation showcases that …

pkelly94mp3: Samuel – Sausage Dog