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Astronautica is doing a nice job carving out her own sound in an overcrowded producer scene with an incredibly mellow and laid back collection of tracks.  During our interview, Edrina talked about her musical background with guitar which is demonstrated nicely on this track.  Let me add one more entry into the total collection of blog posts you will read today that tell you to turn the music on, close your eyes and float away.  Let those ‘Lowrider’ vibes take over.


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The beat music scene isn’t exactly a female dominated scene.  Considering how little gender should effect music (let alone instrumental beat music) it’s a bit strange to consider how few female producers and beat makers there are.  The work of Edrina Martinez as Astronautica may first grab your attention for the fact alone that she is a she, however, it’s the quality of her music that is the real selling point.  Steeped in the culture and music of the L.A. beat scene, Edrina has been releasing a steady stream of laid-back and intricate beats for a while now gaining a deservedly growing following.  I got the chance to chat with Edrina about her influences, favorite color and being a girl in such a male heavy culture and the entire conversation can be read below…

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The beat music scene is a male dominated world so the most immediate thing that will probably stand-out to anyone about Astronautica is that she is a she.  While as a gimmick that is all good and fine, Edrina Martinez doesn’t rely on her femininity to make her music stand-out in the crowded scene.  Astronautica lands on the chiller side of the beat spectrum, however, that does not mean her beats are lazily composed.  Tracks like ‘Weekend’ and ‘somethingaboutyou’ show off some serious composition talent from Astronautica.  Her material keeps getting better so I can’t wait to hear how her sounds continues to evolve.  Check out more music at her bandcamp and soundcloud and stream ‘somethingaboutyou’ below…


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