Video: Ace Mo – Contemplate

Ace Mo just released this new track and video, and I must say it is the perfect music for this Sunday.  Comprised of a chord progression of chopped electric piano chords, a guitar sample, and some perfectly subtle drums, this track has the perfectly dark and relaxing vibe for any sunday.  This track definitely continues further in the direction of “Sirocco/Seed”, playing around with the use of dissonance and atmospheres, and Ace Mo does it really well.


mp3: Ace Mo – Sirocco/Seed

AceMo first flew onto my radar for his incredibly ambient, hip-hop tinged beattape A Dream’s Depth.  To celebrate his recent score of 500 followers on soundcloud Ace Mo decided to drop a new track ‘Sirocco/Seed’.  While Ace Mo hasn’t abandoned the idea of lush, billowing sonic landscapes on the new jam, he isn’t making music to sleep to with ‘Sirocco/Seed’… instead it’s more of something to day dream to.  ’Sirocco/Seed’ isn’t afraid to get loud with its cascading melody of synths taking the front stage backed by pulsing drum and bass hits.  Ace Mo may not be hanging out in the clouds anymore but ‘Sirocco/Seed’ captures an equally dreamy mood of something like a sun-shower, giving us more reasons to stay indoors and do not much of anything at all.


mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Comfort/Control (prod. Ace Mo)

With each track he drops Sidewalk Kal is becoming increasingly hard to pin down, however, where all other blog buzz words fail ‘really good’ always works perfectly for the rapper.  We’ve heard him over old school boom bap, smoked out atmospheric beats and ‘Comfort/Control’ finds Sidewalk Kal over a cloud rap beat from Makoshine member Ace Mo.  Unsurprisingly, ‘Comfort/Control’ is a straight banger dripping with personality and confidence that is hard to find from rappers this fresh.  There have been a lot of great mixtapes so far this year, and from what we’ve heard so far Gold is set to be another.


Mixtape: Ace Mo- A Dream’s Depth

Ace Mo is the latest member of the experimental Makoshine collective to have his turn in the spot-light with his new EP A Dream’s Depth.  The release lives up to it’s name, acting as a sonic cloud pillow, of the memory foam variety, to rest my tired blogger ears.  The washed out sounds and soft textures coming through on this release sound somewhere in between the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack and what I would expect the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack to sound like when I’m dreaming.  That is to say, Ace Mo explores the dreamier and loftier side of electronic music while still rooting the tracks down so that they don’t fade into ambient obscurity.