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*We are both college students and are honestly not very good at reading our email… feel free to message us on our facebook page and twitter to get your music to us

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A few words we suggest you don’t use if you want us to read your email:

Real Rap, Trap-House-Core, Up and Coming, making waves, anything with a delta symbol in it.

If you want your music or any to be reviewed email  We highly suggest you put your music on either Soundcloud or Bandcamp if you want to get it posted (even in addition to a Youtube video).  We aren’t trying to make it seem like the artists are at our mercy, but deep down we are lazy, selfish bastards and Soundcloud and Bandcamp make our lives much easier and allow your music to be easily transferred to our Hype Machine page which can be very helpful to you as an artist to build buzz, thus making us happier, thus making us more likely to be in the mood to post something.

I know our personal email addresses were up here before but we are using our new email address now, so please do not send shit to our personal emails if you copied them to a list or anything like that.  We will not post submissions sent to our personal emails

We are two college students from a wealthy town on the east coast.  If you choose not to take us seriously because of that, we probably wouldn’t want to work with you anyway.


These posts are meant for the purpose of sampling music, discovering new music, and promoting artists. If you like it, support the artists and buy the album or mp3s. If you are an artist or represent an artist and you would like us to take anything down or put anything up, email us at: