heart eyes – miley EP

I hate the assumption that low points in life always lead to great art from artists because neither life or art ever work that simply, but sometimes sad moments can produce beautiful music.  Chef of Ghost Row‘s most recent project, heart eyes, comes with a short tagline indicating that the songs on this EP were recorded on a cell phone “by a …

tccarr14heart eyes – miley EP
Tay Devenny Featured

Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – Staring

Last time Tay Devenny andฬเןl got together it resulted in the sublime arc.  Luckily, the duo are working together again this time to bring us arc II.  First single “Staring” lives up to Devenny’s promise of moving past rap (or moving rap forward) with a song that is pretty hard to describe as rap.  Sure, Devenny delivers a few lines …

pkelly94Tay Devenny x ฬเןl – Staring

mp3: Spooky Black – Without You (Supa Bwe & Sidewalk Kal Remix)

Whether or not you like him, Spooky Black is primed to blow up (at least on the same level as Yung Lean) and he deserves it.  “Without You” is one of the most interesting pop tracks to drop this year and it sounds even better with Supa Bwe and Sidewalk Kal over it.  The boys mostly leave the original intact, …

pkelly94mp3: Spooky Black – Without You (Supa Bwe & Sidewalk Kal Remix)

Video: livmartez – softmoss verse (ft. Sudan Moon)(prod. Deflon)

I’m on the verge of sleep right now and this is basically exactly what I want to be listening to.  “Softmoon verse” is a dreamy, jazzy piece of r&b infused hip-hop (or hip-hop infused r&b… it’s really getting hard to tell sometimes these days) that will happily soundtrack your mid-afternoon daydreams.  I don’t know that much about any of the …

pkelly94Video: livmartez – softmoss verse (ft. Sudan Moon)(prod. Deflon)

mp3: Keiya – Due Time (prod. Jay Curry)

Yeah, Deity Gang isn’t all dudes.  I didn’t actually know that until I had the pleasure of meeting Keiya at the Deity Gang Paxico Take-over a few weeks back.  Keiya is not only the sole member of Deity Gang who sings but she’s a fine singer on her own right as well.  “Due Time” isn’t in your face and probably …

pkelly94mp3: Keiya – Due Time (prod. Jay Curry)

mp3: Tay Devenny – vancouver/Palme

Of all the words we use to describe music on The Up-Turn one I don’t know if I’ve honestly ever used is ambitious.  I usually assume ambition in songwriting is for rappers who have already proven themselves to the wider world and no longer need to have the ambition to make it.  So while I expect Kanye West and Kendrick …

pkelly94mp3: Tay Devenny – vancouver/Palme