Petite League

Petite League – Leaf Surfer

On the east coast, waves are much more of a fantasy than a reality.  Petite League, hailing from Syracuse, knows he’ll never learn how to ride the gnar so instead he’s going to learn how to become a leaf surfer.  Baby. -PK

pkelly94Petite League – Leaf Surfer

SEENMR – After Dark

The constantly evolving music of SEENMR takes a sharp turn into club territory with his latest cut “After Dark”.  With his past few tracks, SEENMR has been hinting at a turn towards dance, however, “After Dark” takes his sound a few evolutionary skips into the seedy, strobe-soaked depths of club.  At 7:20, “After Dark” grows steadily in intensity as SEENMR flirts …

pkelly94SEENMR – After Dark
hanz mature

HANZ – Sink

There aren’t too many other experimental producers that I follow as religiously as Hanz.  Honestly, there aren’t any others.  When serious music critics want to puff out their chests experimental and noise musicians are always easy to bring up because let’s be real most people don’t have the time or patience to listen to 3 hours of field recordings.  Maybe …

pkelly94HANZ – Sink

Dej Loaf – Try Me (SEENMR Refux)

SEENMR taekes Dej Loaf’s already atmospheric and gorgeous “Try Me” and filters it through 7 stained glass windows.  The added space, SEENMR takes it from shack to Basilica, allows Dej Loaf’s threats to receive the grandeur and weight they deserve.  This refux is coming fresh off the heals of his equally spiritual remix of Edith Beake’s “Always In Love”.  So …

pkelly94Dej Loaf – Try Me (SEENMR Refux)
Sam Wells Venturia

Samuel Wells – Venturia

Sam Wells is the mastermind behind emo-revival group Acab Rocky and on Venturia he demonstrates the maturity of his songwriting.  There isn’t a whole lot to these songs.  Actually, there are only three things: tape static, acoustic guitar and Wells’ captivating voice (a piano also shows up for the instrumental opener).  With Acab Rocky, Wells stretches and pushes his voice all …

pkelly94Samuel Wells – Venturia
Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.09.00 PM

SEENMR – heaven for your children

“A little taste of the wave that’s about to splash”.  He’s been on sabbatical, probably wandering across the states taking in mystical influences and skateboarding, but all signs point to his inevitable return to his throne of beat masterdom.  “heaven for your children” is a deceptively simple song with one short loop that makes up a large majority of the …

pkelly94SEENMR – heaven for your children