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While Hodgy Beats and Left Brain of MellowHype are basking in the glory of their recent album BLACKENEDWHITE they decide to go into a convenience store and steal some small groceries on some REAL thug shit with accomplice and OF skater Na’Kel Smith.  Aside from being kind of entertaining, this video has a short clip of some new MellowHype music towards the end.  From the sound of this video, whenever this new MellowHype album comes out, it is sure to be a doozy.  After the jump you can see another video with Hodgy and Left Brain working on some new music.


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Anytime OFWGKTA uploads a video to youtube I know that I am in for some Golf Wang hooligan fun that will probably only make me like Odd Future more than I already do.  The gang recently raided the Berrics and performed a bunch of tasks submitted by fans.  Some of the tasks include kick-flips in bathrooms, slapping Taco, giving shout outs to Compton and comparing the coolness of Justin Bieber and R. Kelly.  One text calls Tyler out for “sucking at skateboarding” and Tyler effortlessly blows that idea out of the water.  Basically Odd Future went and swagged the shit out of the Berrics and captured it on camera.  The video also highlights Tyler’s eccentric personality that is set to take over the world after he makes his TV debut on the 16th.


The Dismemberment Plan has always said that they drew inspiration for their work during the 90s from rappers and MCs and as proof the band expanded Das Racist’s original internet hit Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell to a 4-minute long hard-rock, fast-food praising jam.  The whole song is a lot of fun and at one point Travis is yelling out “Chic Fillet” with more a crazy amount of energy and passion.  Krispy Kreme, White Castle, Long John Silvers and other chains get their respective shout-outs in this song and the whole thing is probably one of the last things I would expect from a Das Racist cover.  It may not sound anything like the original, apart from the opening lines of banter, but it is still a really interesting and fun version of Das Racist’s soon to be classic.


Josh Groban may not be a loved figure in the world of independent music, but even the hippest of hipsters can chuckle at this skit Groban did for Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Kanye West’s twitter account has been made famous for West’s ridiculous tweets and they sound pretty hilarious when sung by Groban.  Next Groban should definitely take on Lil’ B and Tyler, The Creator’s twitter accounts, that would be amazing.


Aside from the Based God the two greatest things in the world are Tony Bourdain and Das Racist, and now you can see them both together.  For some reason that makes perfect sense to me Das Racist made an appearance on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ last night performing a version of their song “Ek Shaneesh” tailored specially for ‘No Reservations’ in Tony’s refrigerator.  I’m not even going to try to explain it any further than that.  Link to the video below.

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Its the little things like this that make it all worth it.  I don’t play Call Of Duty too much, but I do try to cook at least once a day, and how could you not appreciate this?  Its just three guys playing some COD while cookin’ to some based god.  They do end up getting killed in the end, but I don’t think there is really any better way to go.

via Dertbag.Design

For those of us too young to have experienced the pure awesomeness that is 90s culture we can always look to indie superstars to help us imagine.  Imagine a world of denim jackets, spandex and thin ties… imagine a world where Michael Stipe is rocking in a cap and suit:

Yeah, you didn’t miss very much… More 90s fashion after the jump!

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