Eat Your Beaties Awards: 2012

We’ve made a lot of big changes through the last year.  We switched over to self-hosting, designed a custom layout, interviewed a lot of cool people, listened to a lot of good music, and, most importantly, ate a lot of beaties.  Inspired by the exploding beat scene that developed on soundcloud over the past year, we started putting out a collection of some of the best damn beaties out there regardless of the blood, sweat, and tears spilled to find them.  We started the feature when we realized that it would take us longer to write about the tracks than it would take for someone to listen to them, however, we still managed to accumulate a collection of some especially noteworthy beaties.  So we’ve decided to honor those special beaties with our first ever Eat Your Beaties Awards.  Put on something nice and enjoy the ceremonies after the jump.

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Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 8

Newt Gingrich once told me that to succeed in life sometimes you just have to drill, drill, drill so drill we did and eventually we came upon a huge reserve of some of the finest beaties to date.  The resulting volume features an avant-garde and captivating instrumental from Ahnnu, a friendly reminder from Raja that Wu-Tang is for the kids, some gameboy experimentation from Tree and Shelf Nunny, sample heavy footwork from Traxman and an ode to man’s favorite pastime from Poptart Pete.  Hitting the jump will enrich your life.

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The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with Dream Koala

With the release of his Blur EP earlier this month, Dream Koala cemented his transition from a typical soundcloud producer to one of the most interesting young talents making music right now.  The Parisian musician first caught our attention with his incredible remix of Waka Flocka’s Brick Squad anthem ‘Hard in Da Paint’ and over the course of 3 months began to develop and perfect his own style of rhythmic, electronic-infused guitar music that isn’t like much out there.  It’s obvious that even after a stream of awesome singles and a solid EP Dream Koala has only started to tap into his creative genius.  At the rate he’s improving, he has a lot more amazing music to make.  I got the chance to talk with Yndi, the man behind the koala, and turns out that Dream Koala is just as cool as his music is.

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Watch: Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes

If you hadn’t heard, we’ve been on hypem for a few months now and are rolling in all the blogger benefits that come with selling out to the man and raking in the ca$h money.  Hypem decided that they weren’t cool enough already and threw us some new benefit$ including our very own spotify playlist and a video streaming channel for all those videos we post.  Basically, hypem have made it so that you can get all the streaming and viewing benefits of visiting The Up-Turn without having to actually visit The Up-Turn.  To celebrate our certain drop in readership let’s all watch this gorgeous new video from Flying Lotus.


Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 3

For the past two weeks we’ve been on a non-stop journey through the deeper wildernesses of the soundcloud jungle to discovery the freshest and rarest gems to make up our biweekly collection of beaties.  This volume includes an analog and warped synth utopia from LDFD, an ambling paced and looped dreamer from Daisycutta, a jittering piece of sample collage from Languid, some funktastic boom-bap from Koen and another amazing beat from the first beaties double-dipper Knxledge.  For a filling and balanced sonic diet, listen to them after the jump.

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Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 1

We could go (and have gone) on for a while about how soundcloud has changed the beat scene, however, the basic point is that there is an incredible amount of easily accessible artists making increasingly more experimental music that are all based around the website.  Everyday we hear a lot of great beats that we dig, however, due to either laziness or lack of song length/progression we don’t have much more to say about the music than that it’s really good.  So from now on we’ll be featuring the creme of the beat crop on Eat Your Beaties.  We’re kicking off Vol. 1 with a 16-bit banger from Option Command, Yung Satan’s remix of Koen’s ’992′, a beat from Oakland based OSO, a collab  from Poptart Pete and Tuamie and a fresh tune from Russian producer rbe. all after the jump.

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The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation With Trap Arnold

If you haven’t noticed yet, a new trend is sweeping through the electronic music scene.  The rolling hi-hats and pitched 808 bass drums of Southern hip-hop’s trap music are infiltrating the electronic music scene, creating a genre that many are calling Future Trap.  At the forefront of this genre is Boston’s extremely talented M|O|D crew which is a group of five young producers with similar ideas who have teamed up to make some incredible advances in the Future Trap genre.  Recently I had the pleasure of talking to one of my favorite members of M|O|D, Trap Arnold.  Trap Arnold’s eccentric and quirky nature doesn’t just come across in his music, but also his personality.  Hit the jump to read my conversation with him in which we discuss his musical influences, the origins of M|O|D, and yoga pants among other things.  Per usual, we left the interview pretty unedited and sprinkled some good tunes throughout for your listening pleasure.


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