anderson malahek

Anderson Mahalek – you been mean to me

This track is so much bigger than it’s sound.  “a song about leaving your baby because you just don’t groove no more”… perfect.  I know virtually nothing about the Chicago artist or anything about how he’s managed to produce a track with nearly 2000 listens despite having only 17 followers.  It’s perfect. -PK

pkelly94Anderson Mahalek – you been mean to me
avalon emerson

Avalon Emerson – Constantly My Cure

Perhaps above all else, Avalon Emerson has made a name for herself for her strict commitment to quality over quantity.  Over the past few years, Emerson has released a slow and steady trickle of material as she continues to refine and refine and refine her craft.  Listen to the slick, aerodynamic twists of “Constantly My Cure” compared to (the still …

pkelly94Avalon Emerson – Constantly My Cure

Dez – (tabs)onthemonorail

Produced by a (soundcloud) all-star team of producers in GRiMM Doza, Ab$tract, and KiP, “(tabs)onthemonorail” is the closest Dez may ever come to delivering a statement of purpose.  “Give me a beat n*gga, I’ll show you where your heroes die”, he opens after an extended period of ambiance.  What follows is Dez’s tightest and most motivated verse yet.  While Dez has …

pkelly94Dez – (tabs)onthemonorail
cloud life

cloud life – holy ghost

The sound of ice cream melting eternally, with rainbow sprinkles dreaming into ribbons. It’s a warm feeling. On another note I’m pretty surprised the name Cloud Life made it through the summers 2009 and 2010 without getting taken… Also I’m not sure the last time we’ve posted something that one might label indie because what does that even mean anymore. …

pkelly94cloud life – holy ghost

glocque – buy this

Some producers practice in short forms because Donut-sized bites play to the strength of loops; music that reaches towards infinity.  “buy this” defies the loop standard, shiny, hyper-real and wholly representative of the Internet-steeped sound of Swarm and Frolic.  Just let it take you. -PK

pkelly94glocque – buy this