The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with Weston Wiener

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The Up-Turn has always been devoted to music and musicians that we think are doing cool things but that doesn’t mean we still don’t like interviewing other cool people who do cool things.  Basically what I’m getting at here is that I recently saw an indiegogo video about some fundraising a cool dude named Weston Wiener was doing for his senior thesis to help produce his movie Kelza 55.  It looked cool, Psychic Films looked cool and indeed everything turned out to be very cool.  Cool.  Read the interview after the jump to learn about futuristic motorcycle gangs, druggy ski-bum spies and Weston’s first ever screen name.

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The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with Tay Devenny

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Tay Devenny doesn’t just want to be your next favorite rapper, he wants to be your next favorite artist.  Although he has been following the expected projection of an internet-age rapper thus far his most recent 11-minute track “vancouver/Palme” forces listeners to take Devenny as something different than just another rapper.  He has ambition and the creativity and drive to see his ambition fulfilled.  Hit the jump to read my recent conversation with Devenny in which we chat about Sussex, reaching his shrine and Riley Reid.

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The Up-Turn Presents: Mapping Hip-Hop

When I received an open-ended final assignment for my writing class this past semester I pretty much knew what I wanted to do right away.  The class was about being a writing tutor and how to teach people how to write so I decided to interview some of my favorite under-appreciated writers and lyricists about their writing process.  Although I’m not going to try and make claims about connections between rappers based on their influences, hometowns or styles I hope that the mapping serves as an illustration of just how amazing the world of hip-hop is right now.  Hit the jump to read my quick interviews with Chef the Chef, Sidewalk Kal, uhlife, B L A C K K R A Y, Hanz, Chris Villa, NicX, and Tay Devenny.

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The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with SEENMR

It’s not everyday that we run across an artist like Sean Cullen, the dude behind SEENMR and founding member of the Young Ho Collective.  Sean Cullen is so psyched on music, life and his crew that his personality beams through his recordings and has made his Chinatown Tape one of the most buzz-worthy beat tapes of the year.  I had a chance to chat with SEENMR and the bulk of that conversation has been formated for your reading pleasure after the jump.  Being the cool dude that he is, Sean also threw together an awesome mix that I highly recommend you listen to while reading this philosophic conversation.  Get ready for the Young Ho revolution.

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The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation With Trap Arnold

If you haven’t noticed yet, a new trend is sweeping through the electronic music scene.  The rolling hi-hats and pitched 808 bass drums of Southern hip-hop’s trap music are infiltrating the electronic music scene, creating a genre that many are calling Future Trap.  At the forefront of this genre is Boston’s extremely talented M|O|D crew which is a group of five young producers with similar ideas who have teamed up to make some incredible advances in the Future Trap genre.  Recently I had the pleasure of talking to one of my favorite members of M|O|D, Trap Arnold.  Trap Arnold’s eccentric and quirky nature doesn’t just come across in his music, but also his personality.  Hit the jump to read my conversation with him in which we discuss his musical influences, the origins of M|O|D, and yoga pants among other things.  Per usual, we left the interview pretty unedited and sprinkled some good tunes throughout for your listening pleasure.


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The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with Tortilla Pass

Sometimes experimental musicians are too serious for their own good.  Somewhere between unlocking new dimensions of texture in sound and redefining the definition of noise, artists may lose the sense of fun that may have attracted them to music in the first place. Kallie Lampel of Tortilla Pass is not an artist that takes himself too seriously.  Maybe it’s just because he’s still a college student, but while making his own brand of experimental electronics he’s not afraid to name his tracks things like “Peanut Leap Cascade” or “OOOoooOOoo”.  This sense of lightheartedness can be heard in the undeniable fun of some of his tracks like the Gold Panda-esque “Luna Tribe” and the remix of Boards of Canada’s “Roygbiv”.  I had the chance to chat with Kallie and in between talking about Orange Juice and emoticons we covered his influences, hopes for Tortilla Pass and his sanctuary of like minded musicians at his school.  Read the entire interview below, left largely unedited…

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The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with Hollow Pigeons

Only a few years ago it was still rare for people under the age of 20 to get their music out there.  Sure we’ve always had Britney Spears’, Jackson 5′s and Justin Bieber’s but for the past two years there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of music being heard coming from teenagers.  A few of the biggest indie musicians from this past year have been 17 year old Archy Marshall (King Krule) and the teenage dominated rap collective Odd Future.  With tools like ableton and fl studio, musicians of all ages can make music and this has clearly been to the benefit of the blogosphere.  Some of my personal favorite acts from this year include the 16 year old Florida duo Glamstick, 17 year old Beat Culture and 15 year old beat-maker Hollow Pigeons… oh, and of course Terry and I are only 17.  Last night, I chatted with Ryan of Hollow Pigeons and shared our common love for the PS1 jrpgs and about being an internet musician while being only 15.  As usual the chat was left largely unedited…

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