Black Kray has been doing some big things since our original introduction to him and he is now ready to make his ascent into his LIL SHYNE persona.  In this song Kray does what he does best, starting out with selecting a stunning beat produced by Antonio.  In “Rain Touched Me” Kray lays his usual vocals consisting of a continuous …

tccarr14BLACK KRAY AKA LIL SHYNE – Rain Touched Me

Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: ghostwerk

Electronic music production is rapidly moving towards simplicity.  More and more producers are sticking to programs like FL Studio and Ableton Live with high ease of use and a vast library of tips and instructions in the form of forums and message boards.  ghostwerk, however, finds inspiration and creativity through older music formats that are quickly going extinct such as the .it format …

tccarr14Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: ghostwerk

EP: T I N D E R G R A M – T I N D E R G R A M

Even though everyone on the east coast is cautious of getting let down by false foreshadows of spring, I am confident that true spring weather is imminent in the next few weeks.  During April showers I am listening to T I N D E R G R A M non stop while waiting for May flowers.  T I N D E R …

tccarr14EP: T I N D E R G R A M – T I N D E R G R A M


Ever since I first heard Ugly Frank on Khris P‘s song “Casino Royale” I was impressed with his flow and immediately wanted to hear more.  Since then Ugly Frank has continued to develop as part of ILLFIGHTYOU and now with BOBBY HILL Frank is definitely at the top of his game.  Throughout the EP Frank tears through every track without ever sounding like …


EP: Ghost Row – 800 Diamonds

CT homies Ghost Row finally released their debut project with Cadence Collective, and its everything we had hoped it would be.  If you’ve listened to Ghost Row’s music before or read PK’s interview with Chef the Chef you know that Color Plus and Chef aren’t too concerned with sticking to trends and are much more interested in carving out their own …

tccarr14EP: Ghost Row – 800 Diamonds

EP: Color Plus – Diagonals Vol. 1

If you’ve been following Color Plus, you’re probably familiar with his distinctive production style; delicately arranging acoustic noises and electronic noises next to each other seamlessly.  For Diagonals Vol. 1 Color Plus just applied this production style to a number of different songs for his first remix EP.  If you’ve ever wondered what Lil’ Wayne, Soulja Boy, or Gucci Mane would …

tccarr14EP: Color Plus – Diagonals Vol. 1