Sam Wells Venturia

Samuel Wells – Venturia

Sam Wells is the mastermind behind emo-revival group Acab Rocky and on Venturia he demonstrates the maturity of his songwriting.  There isn’t a whole lot to these songs.  Actually, there are only three things: tape static, acoustic guitar and Wells’ captivating voice (a piano also shows up for the instrumental opener).  With Acab Rocky, Wells stretches and pushes his voice all …

pkelly94Samuel Wells – Venturia
that wave

Icy Twat – Fendi Covered Rari Seats

Lately, Soundcloud has seemed less like a platform and more like a gigantic melting pot for genres.  Scanning through my feed means listening to beautifully distorted, half-realized and half-baked music that only a few years ago would never see the light of day.  Such a low cost of entry has allowed artists to share us their notes, thoughts and wild …

pkelly94Icy Twat – Fendi Covered Rari Seats
the real hip-hop

˚D•∆•ø•I•M˚ x Vertiqua – hop’

It’s the never ending beauty of the internet.  A 15 year old from Germany teams up with an established beaties master from New Jersey for one of the dustiest, warmest, and most gorgeous beats we’ve heard from soundcloud in a while.  It sounds like they aged this track in the cigarette and marijuana smoke and then left it out to warp …

pkelly94˚D•∆•ø•I•M˚ x Vertiqua – hop’