Dez – (tabs)onthemonorail

Produced by a (soundcloud) all-star team of producers in GRiMM Doza, Ab$tract, and KiP, “(tabs)onthemonorail” is the closest Dez may ever come to delivering a statement of purpose.  “Give me a beat n*gga, I’ll show you where your heroes die”, he opens after an extended period of ambiance.  What follows is Dez’s tightest and most motivated verse yet.  While Dez has always separated himself from the bulk of soundcloud based rappers by turning away from the steeped in weed-smoke and anime dominated sound, “(tabs)” demonstrates just how far he has come as an artist.  Dez hardly stops to take a breath in between some of the best lines you’ll hear in a verse all year.  “Disney on the weekend, I do acid on the monorail / when I talk to God I ask if they cut lines in hell”.


pkelly94Dez – (tabs)onthemonorail